SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - October 27, 2010) -  Gale Technologies, a leading provider of innovative software solutions that simplify and automate IT resource provisioning and workflow orchestration for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, today announced significant new upgrades to its award-winning GaleForce and Lab Manager software offerings. The enhanced feature sets further streamline the end-to-end product and service delivery process in development, testing, and IT operations environments by allowing operators to easily reconfigure and rapidly provision networks of both physical and virtual resources in just minutes.

"The potential of self-service cloud computing is moving beyond tactical to more strategic advantages, as cloud services become increasingly operationalized. But to realize the cost and efficiency savings driven by cloud infrastructures without risking critical service delivery issues, companies need to fully understand all aspects of hybrid virtual infrastructures," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates. "GaleForce 5.3 and Lab Manager 5.7 are well designed to help customers more optimally exploit the power of physical and cloud infrastructures -- through a targeted and efficient use of data center automation."

GaleForce 5.3 Enhancements:
With its support for true end-to-end provisioning of both physical and virtual resources, across computing, networking, and storage technologies, GaleForce is the ideal platform for delivering IT as a Service, delivering both the back-end infrastructure automation and the front-end web portal for self-service operation. The latest GaleForce enhancements include:

  • Expanded Virtualization Support: Virtual Machine (VM) scaling and new resource clustering capabilities allow administrators to scale the CPU or memory capacity of underlying hosts for virtual machines, as well as move or migrate VMs to other hosts and define groups or clusters of the same virtual object. 
  • Enhanced Design or Authoring of Topologies: Using Link Feasibility Assist, users can set up and reconfigure automated patch panels (Layer 1 switches), and Layer 2 and VLAN connectivity quickly and easily, for dynamic reconfiguration of physical and virtual environments.
  • Resource Substitutions: Administrators now have the ability to substitute or swap resources in sessions that have been confirmed in the future, as well as sessions that are currently active, bolstering the ability to quickly replace failed or faulty physical resources in real-time.
  • Schedule-Based Power Control: Users can control device power based on scheduled usage to ensure that devices are automatically powered off when not in use and automatically powered up when they're needed, conserving energy and reducing resource consumption.

Lab Manager 5.7 Enhancements:

With its leading position in lab automation applications, Lab Manager not only brings extreme efficiency to development and test environments, but enables the creation of highly integrated development operations, or "DevOps" systems that span from development to QA to staging to production. The latest Lab Manager enhancements include:

  • Upgraded Client User Interface: With a new search dialog box, enhanced to support the definition of complex criteria and query structure, the ability to name reservations, and ability to view reservation conflicts, users can better manage their environment.
  • Device Port Provisioning: For connectivity management, users can edit protocol and rate settings for ports and assign card names and port group names to one or more ports, enabling large scale, self-service provisioning so resources can be reserved or released in bulk.
  • New and Enhanced APIs: This includes a new provisioning API that can delete, rename, or merge attribute names at all levels. The solution also offers support to download Web UI reports via Perl scripts.
  • Enhanced Web User Interface: The Web user Interface introduces new usability enhancements to the Web-based administrative provisioning portal and API, making self-service administration more intuitive for the end user.

"Both Gale Force 5.3 and Lab Manager 5.7 are helping customers build development, test, and production clouds in an evolutionary way," said Nariman Teymourian, chairman and CEO of Gale Technologies. "These new features give IT administrators and test lab engineers alike the ability to build upon their existing infrastructures, quickly, intuitively, and with proper control. With these new feature upgrades, we're further empowering customers with new levels of do-it-yourself automated resource management, and enabling a seamless transition to private cloud infrastructures."

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