SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - November 9, 2010) -  Birst, the leading provider of software-as-a-service business intelligence (SaaS BI) and analytics, today announced that DemandTec, Inc., the collaborative analytics network for retailers and consumer products companies, is using Birst to speed and enhance internal reporting and analysis, for instance to obtain the real-time status of customer project billings and to understand the company's upcoming cash flows. DemandTec is able to make more-informed decisions by leveraging faster, easier access to company-wide performance information.

"We chose Birst because it offers a low-risk, cost-effective way to implement and maintain a comprehensive BI solution," said Jason Lund, Vice President of Finance at DemandTec. "Birst allows us the flexibility to integrate and analyze multiple data sources, as well as the freedom to consume information in more ways -- via pixel-perfect reports and user-friendly dashboards. This is just the beginning of our Birst deployment. Now that we're comfortable with its capabilities, we plan to deploy to more departments and management levels over time."

Prior to deploying Birst, DemandTec relied on numerous application-specific reporting tools, as well as periodic, heavily-formatted Excel-based reports. After automating more than 10 of these weekly and monthly reports in Birst to satisfy the immediate reporting needs of several groups, DemandTec has moved on to empowering key finance, sales, and professional services personnel with interactive dashboards so that business users can dynamically answer their own questions and manage their organizations more effectively and efficiently. So far, DemandTec is analyzing more than 45 tables from its, financial, and project management systems.

"Again and again, we've found that when companies get their initial implementations up and running, they quickly discover a whole host of additional ways that Birst can improve results throughout the business by providing rapid insight," said Brad Peters, CEO of Birst. "And, because it's extremely affordable and highly scalable, Birst is a perfect fit for a phased approach like the one DemandTec is pursuing."

About DemandTec
DemandTec (NASDAQ: DMAN) connects more than 280 retailers and consumer products companies, providing common tools to transact, interact, and collaborate on core merchandising and marketing activities. DemandTec's software services enable customers to achieve their sales volume, revenue, shopper loyalty, and profitability objectives. DemandTec customers have collaborated on more than 3.5 million trade deals. DemandTec software services utilize a science-based software platform to model and understand consumer behavior. DemandTec customers include leading retailers and consumer products companies such as Ahold USA, Best Buy, ConAgra Foods, Delhaize America, General Mills, H-E-B Grocery Co., The Home Depot, Hormel Foods, Monoprix, PETCO, Safeway, Sara Lee, Target, Walmart, and WH Smith.

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About Birst
Birst™ is the leading provider of SaaS business intelligence solutions. Birst brings the benefits of fact-based decision-making to a much broader audience by making it affordable, fast, and easy to use. Birst is designed to support users of all sizes -- from individuals to groups and entire companies, so that everyone can benefit from greater insight into their business.

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