NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 9, 2010) -  EMS Financial Services LLC, a leading global funds disbursement and software company for the telecom industry, announced today that Big Game Telecom, Inc. has deployed EMS TrafficNet, a powerful billing, rating and traffic management software application. An up-and-coming telecommunications services company, Big Game is leveraging the full functionality of EMS TrafficNet to cut costs and increase profitability by streamlining invoice and billing processes and management. 

Based in Falls Church, VA, Big Game Telecom provides communications services to an international audience. The five-year-old company considers itself a private service provider since the majority of calls the company handles are international and are specifically tailored to each customer.

"In our business, the process of efficient billing and traffic management is critical," said Bill Mocarski, Big Game Telecom, Inc. founder. "When I look at traffic statistics, I want high quality, real-time information. We also need to react as quickly as possible to any process issues -- identifying a problem before the customers come to us. The bottom line is you have to satisfy your customers. If you don't, they move on."

To meet and exceed customers' needs, Mocarski needed one billing, routing and traffic management system that could do it all. Mocarski states, "We needed one repository and one set of data that we could export and modify on-the-fly, rather than having several disparate systems combined into one." EMS TrafficNet provided that solution by delivering a powerful, easy-to-use system to manage all facets of the wholesale telecommunications market, including carriers' billing, traffic analysis, and rate management. TrafficNet provides the tools to assist customers in increasing profitability while minimizing risk.

Worldwide, the benefits of moving from manual (and mostly paper-based) invoicing to fully automated systems are well documented. According to a June 2010 press release by Sterling Commerce, companies can experience cost savings of up to 90 percent on the accounts payable side and 44 percent in accounts receivable in cross-border invoicing by adopting automation. 

Drilling down, additional cost savings can be realized by moving from one automated platform to another. After using a different product for four years -- and then evaluating dozens of others as potential replacements -- Big Game chose EMS TrafficNet. Specifically, it preferred the product's market credibility and broad-based functionality since the product is based on one of the first dedicated traffic management systems available to the telecommunications. 

Mocarski estimates EMS TrafficNet saves him a minimum of 15% per week -- time that he can now use for more strategic purposes: "If we can do 15% more business development or customer service -- rather than having to worry about the back office invoicing, rate management and auditing process -- that gives us a tremendous advantage. And for an up-and-coming business like us, you can't put a price tag on that."

Currently, Mocarski is using the full range of features and functionality offered by EMS TrafficNet, including automated mixed-cycle billing, high-volume rate management, comprehensive rate verification, advanced traffic analysis, as well as specialized reporting functions. Customers like Big Game Telecom specifically value EMS TrafficNet's:

  • Ease-of-Use: Short implementations enable companies like Big Game to accelerate their ROI
  • High Powered Performance: Industrial strength components from Microsoft to Oracle offer a scalable, reliable and robust system
  • Remote, Web-Management: Eliminating costly client updates and management issues
  • Advanced analysis and reporting: Ships with over 100 pre-defined reports

"For us, it's all about keeping it simple -- billing accurately, in a nice format -- with the ability to identify and fix issues before they become serious customer complaints. EMS TrafficNet is highly flexible and operates at the speed at which we need to get things done," said Mocarski.

Moving forward, Big Game looks forward to collaborating with EMS and other customers to jointly provide feedback on preferred features and potentially new functionality: Mocarski states, "By working together with EMS, I think TrafficNet can become the premier product on the market today."

About EMS TrafficNet
As a leading global funds disbursement company, and the financial firm the telecom industry trusts, EMS Financial Services LLC, founded in 1999, secures financial transactions between multiple telecom parties by offering complete financial security and transaction visibility while protecting confidential network relationships. EMS TrafficNet Billing and CDR Reconcile Solutions is a revolutionary billing, rating and traffic management solution that manages all facets of the wholesale telecommunications environment including automated mixed-cycle billing, rate management and notification, route verification and advanced traffic analysis through specialized reports and functions. Powered by Concept-Tel, EMS TrafficNet provides a tier-one level of management for all traders while delivering increased profitability through detailed margin analysis, traffic monitoring and least cost routing. EMS TrafficNet offers a unique technologically advanced platform that ensures a risk free trading environment tailored to enhance and protect any business.

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