ARVADA, CO--(Marketwire - November 15, 2010) -  Demartek announces its evaluation of the LSI MegaRAID FastPath software with solid state storage (SSS). LSI Corporation commissioned Demartek to evaluate the MegaRAID FastPath software in a web server environment. FastPath software is an optimized version of LSI's MegaRAID technology that is designed with SSDs in mind, taking advantage of the increased read and write performance of SSDs.

"By moving the web server content data to SSDs under FastPath software control, we observed more than 12x performance improvement in overall throughput and an even greater improvement in web server response time," said Dennis Martin, Demartek President. "These tests show that the MegaRAID FastPath solution with SSDs can improve the performance of existing web servers or can provide the same performance with fewer web servers, lowering the total cost of ownership."

The Demartek evaluation of the LSI MegaRAID FastPath Performance is available at: or by following the links on the Demartek web site.

Additional Demartek SSD resources are available at: in the Demartek SSD Zone.

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