LOS ANGELES, CA and TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - November 16, 2010) - Verifi, a provider of payment and risk management solutions, and Lime Light CRM, a leading provider of customer relationship management solutions, today announced a partnership that will streamline payment processing and fraud prevention for direct response merchants. 

The integrated solution, which merchants can access over the web, automates the flow of payment transaction data in real time between the Lime Light CRM system and Verifi while payments are taking place. Once an order is authorized by Verifi, the Lime Light CRM system is updated and merchants can access the data for use in customer service, sales, marketing and billing activities.

Lime Light CRM completed the integration of Verifi's risk management and revenue recovery products so merchants can reduce fraud and chargebacks, reclaim chargeback revenue, and recover and increase the lifetime value of subscription customers. Verifi's services have been proven to drive revenue back to merchants that might otherwise be lost to chargebacks or declined recurring transactions.

The integration will also help merchants identify and respond to potentially fraudulent transactions. As orders come in, Verifi can run each transaction through its suite of fraud prevention tools, including services for IP address verification, device intelligence and reputation scoring. Reports generated by Verifi enable merchants to make real-time order acceptance decisions regarding customer transactions at which point the data is passed back to the Lime Light CRM system, so customer service representatives have a 360 degree view of transactions.

Additional benefits stemming from the integration include the ability to use Lime Light CRM and Verifi 'out-of-the-box.' Because the products have been pre-integrated, set-up is fast and easy. Also, because both products are web-based, merchants are spared the need to implement and manage the systems, saving considerable time and money. 

"We're excited about Verifi's technology and proud to partner to integrate their solution into the Lime Light CRM," said Rick Del Rio, Managing Partner for Lime Light CRM. "Offering Verifi's fraud prevention and revenue recovery services will provide Lime Light CRM clients with the tools necessary to intelligently grow their business while effectively managing the risks associated with accepting card-not-present transaction."

"By integrating our services, we're making it easy for merchants to get up-and-running with CRM, payment authorization, fraud management and revenue recovery," said Cory Capoccia, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships for Verifi. "We expect the joint solution will be particularly popular with recurring billing merchants, who face significant and complex fraud challenges. By using Verifi with Lime Light CRM, merchants can more easily stop fraudsters, while diverting valuable sales and marketing resources to handle legitimate customers. We look forward to working with Lime Light CRM to raise awareness and provide a quickly deployable solution for this issue among recurring billing merchants."

About Lime Light CRM
Lime Light CRM platform is more than just a CRM, we are also the leading provider of continuity base processing and campaign management. We understand the unique needs of a direct response marketer and provide flexibility and transparency to increase your return on investment. Created out of pure necessity, it was originally developed in 2007 by marketers who needed a solution to streamline their entire campaign and order management process. In 2009, we decided to brand our system as Lime Light CRM and make it available to other marketers. We proved that the system was such a success for others, as much as it was for us, and within just months of making our solution available to the public, we are now one of the leading and most trusted CRM Providers. For more information on Lime Light CRM, please visit http://www.LimeLightCRM.com.

About Verifi

Verifi is a leading provider of global electronic payment and risk management solutions for card-not-present merchants. The highly customizable payment and real-time reporting platform serves as a foundation for Verifi's suite of fraud solutions and risk management strategies. With a commitment of reducing risk while increasing profitability for clients, Verifi's multi-layered approach enables transaction risk management and mitigation, business optimization strategies, cardholder authentication and chargeback representment for all major credit card brands. Verifi is PCI Level 1 certified and headquartered in Los Angeles, California with a satellite office in Redwood Shores, California. For more information on Verifi, please visit: http://www.Verifi.com or please email us at Info@Verifi.com.

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Name: Kimmy Luu
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Email: Kimmy.Luu@verifi.com

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Name: Rick Del Rio
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