BERLIN--(Marketwire - November 18, 2010) - In addition to a new user interface, key highlights of the new ECM and BPM suite include integrated compliance functions and workflow extensions. Fully revised, it makes it even easier for users to quickly retrieve the documents they need. For example, "filter folders" help the user filter out irrelevant information and quickly find the desired documents.

The objective of the partnership with Novell is to automate compliance with legal requirements, industry regulations, or corporate governance guidelines through SAPERION, thereby ensuring that sensitive data is always protected. The suite is an integrated backend solution that docks onto Novell Vibe OnPrem to provide immediate compliance for all internal and external collaboration tools.

New version of ECM and BPM Suite

The revised reflects SAPERION's dedication to industry standards and now supports the descriptive elements of the new BPMN 2.0 process specification. Integration with the Signavio Process Editor is now available. This editor is also based on BPMN 2.0 and is designed specifically for professional, collaborative documentation and analysis of business processes. As a result, the gap between process analysts and IT specialists in BPM round-trip engineering is now closed. Read more about the new version under

Cooperation with Novell

SAPERION as well has introduced Compliance Suite, an integrated software solution that makes it incredibly easy for Novell Vibe OnPrem users to retain all types of data and documents in a revision-proof and legally secure way. SAPERION provides functions for filing, managing, and retrieving all of the information related to individual corporate processes. As a result, time-intensive searching, duplicate filings, and legally imperfect archiving become a thing of the past. The Single-Item Restore function in the new Compliance Suite also enables restoration of individual entries at the press of a button. Read more about the cooperation on

SAPERION is a European manufacturer of high-performance Enterprise Content Management software used by medium-sized and global corporations. A long-term partner of major global players, SAPERION AG exhibits a straightforward way of doing business, tremendous flexibility, and impressive reaction speed.

SAPERION's mission is to bring organizations, people, and processes together so they can react faster and reach better decisions in the dynamic markets of today. More than 1,850 global corporations in virtually every industry use SAPERION to improve the quality of their products, increase customer satisfaction, lower costs, and gain critical competitive advantages. SAPERION products target three core issues present at many companies: optimization of processes, legal compliance, and integration of information. More information available at

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