DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - November 23, 2010) -  New research from Parks Associates finds preferences for mobile apps over Web browsers are growing among younger demographics, impacting the market for mobile content and accelerating the flow of advertising dollars to app-based content services.

"Consumers under 35 are starting to ditch browsers in favor of mobile apps, where they don't have to type in a Web address or contend with slow browser speeds. They are also put off by Web pages that do not fit the small phone screen, whereas the mobile app is native to the platform," said Harry Wang, Director of Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates.

Parks Associates' new survey Mobile Cloud Media and Access Platforms finds the majority of consumers who prefer to use apps over mobile Web browsers are under 35 years of age. Mobile apps are already the dominant medium for access to Internet radio (including Pandora), maps, social networks, navigation (including Google Maps), and games. Netflix has developed an app for the iPad and iPhone which could increase video use as well.

While mobile apps will not completely replace Web browsers, content owners and distributors that rely too much on mobile Web might lose audience and revenues.

"The mobile experience is all about convenience and instantaneous access," Wang said. "The advantages of mobile apps could lead to a new content distribution environment for paid and ad-supported media services." 

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