SOUTHBURY, CT--(Marketwire - November 29, 2010) - For many people, searching for the next career move in today's rocky economy can been likened to pulling teeth. As more and more companies are stabilizing their workforce, there are career choices for seasoned executives that capitalize on their experienced mindset that can be most rewarding -- business ownership.

"We're at a tipping point in this 'jobless recovery' where the traditional job market no longer offers the security individuals and families need to live well," said Brian Miller, COO and president of The Entrepreneur's Source (TES). "This means individuals today, and new generations of workers, will be taking control of their lives, not as employees, but by finding ways to be self-reliant."

Despite the serious challenges in the current economy, however, Miller says there's a light at the end of the tunnel for many seasoned executives looking to make promising career changes.

"With the country not adding enough jobs, and the present anemic job growth continuing, it will take years for the unemployment rate to drop significantly," said Miller. "Rewarding careers are available for business professionals with valuable experience; paths that can help them become successful in a new business venture."

With economic indicators continuing to project a trend toward leaner companies, the New Career Economy® is now a reality -- where gone are the days when individuals work for one or two employers, receive lifetime benefits and retire boasting double-digit service time from one employer. The future, long-term security will be gained through individuals managing their own careers through self-employment and other alternative career options.

The jobless recovery doesn't have to be a career stopper for business executives and professionals, according to Miller, who said the small business ownership in franchising has especially proven to be a thriving outlet for downsized professionals or career changers to pursue.

"The Entrepreneur's Source is a leading business coaching firm specializing in helping people discover the right business for their goals, needs and expectations and assisting business owners to reach a new level of performance," Miller said. TES business coaches also provide executive coaching in areas including: opening a new business, communications and leadership, market and business planning, exiting a business, increasing profitability, expanding operations and exploring a new business.

Business coaches with The Entrepreneur's Source use a "discovery process" to help people explore business options and uncover possibilities that match their personal objectives and income goals. According to Miller, 95 percent of the people who are helped by The Entrepreneur's Source become an owner of a business they would have never considered -- or had discounted.

"For over twenty years now, I'm proud to say that The Entrepreneur's Source has been a reliable source for 'all things entrepreneurial' especially for business executives seeking a career change. The company has been the premier source for self-employment options, franchising information, education and training," Miller said. "We can help those individuals who have worked in the financial, marketing or other business fields for the majority of their careers easily and successfully move into the rewarding option of entrepreneurship."

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