TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire - November 29, 2010) - Bob Ferris, VirTra Systems' CEO (PINKSHEETS: VTSI), today announced the unveiling of the world's most realistic simulated shooting range -- the VirTra Range MIL -- at the I/ITSEC military simulation tradeshow in Orlando, Florida. 

The company's ultra-realistic judgmental use of force and marksmanship firearms training systems are preferred by forces the world over for superior realism, immersion and training effectiveness. With the release of the VirTra Range MIL, the company now offers the most accurate and realistic virtual shooting range ever produced. 

The VirTra Range MIL simulated shooting range has several advantages to traditional ranges, such as: enhanced safety, no need for special air purification, no noise pollution, no armor plating, far less facility space required, can simulate both indoor and outdoor ranges and is completely environmentally friendly. 

A large variety of targets, qualifications, exercises and marksmanship drills are included. In addition, the virtual shooting range introduces some advanced training tools not found on a live-fire range. A partial list of these features include:

  • Aim-trace, which shows the progression of each shot fired in a sequence
  • Unprecedented variety of stationary, moving or turning targets with no possibility of mechanical failure
  • Instant zoom on target
  • Instant reset of target
  • Instant target change

When the VirTra Range MIL is paired with VirTra's line of powerful recoil kits, absolutely no ammunition is required, which saves countless dollars and permits unlimited firearm training 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions or time of day. 

The VirTra Range MIL can also accurately simulate distances over 100 meters while only requiring approximately 4.6 m (15 feet) by 1.3 m (4.5 feet) per lane. The simulated range displays correct target sizes as well as real-world ballistics.

The visual system on the VirTra Range MIL is the best technology in the history of firearms training with over 2 million pixels per each individual shooting lane. 

Each lane has a simple control box as you would find in top-of-the-line shooting ranges; if you want to instantly zoom on the target to study your last shot fired, you simply press a button. One instructor can manage up to 32 lanes with an optional, easy-to-use touchscreen master control station.

Bob Ferris, CEO of VirTra, said, "The VirTra Range is a powerful addition to our firearms training product lineup. The VirTra Range closely replicates a live-fire shooting range in every detail while adding never before seen features for unparalleled firearms marksmanship training."

The VirTra Range is patent-pending.

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VirTra Systems, Inc. offers the world's most realistic firearms training simulators for Military and Law Enforcement customers around the globe. VirTra is the highest standard in simulation, offering a full range of the finest firearms training systems to fit any budget, the world's best simulated recoil systems, and the ability to add and measure real stress during training with the Threat-Fire™ return fire system (patent pending).

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