LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - November 30, 2010) - RISE, a new action sports apparel company inspired by the game of poker and its players, announces the launch of its online store at Born from poker yet transcending the game both in style and function, the RISE product line includes a full line of jackets, hoodies, shirts and hats available exclusively online and at select poker tournaments.

"We believe it's time to bring a serious lifestyle clothing line to poker," said Noah Heller, president and founder of RISE. "Think about it. We're a worldwide community that's millions strong, and ferociously devoted to poker. Where are the jacket, shirts, hoodies, and hats that were made for us? We want to bring to poker a brand that embraces the competitive, risk-seeking lifestyle of the game and those who play it, much like the way Burton does for snowboarding and Hurley and Quiksilver for surfing."

In launching RISE, Heller partnered with a group of like-minded individuals including a former global director at Nike and a California-based graphic designer. Together, the team set out to create a lifestyle brand that combined design-driven style with functional elements that serious poker players would like to have in clothing.

The centerpiece of the RISE product line are its jacket and hoodie designs that feature soft, breathable garment fabrics, pocket space for music player and chip storage, button-holes for headphone cords and a chest pocket for sunglasses. RISE shirts showcase a beyond comfortable feel with fresh, creative designs that shun passing trends and all-too-common poker references. The RISE line of hats range from trucker style to flat-brim, all featuring the RISE logo.

"This is a game of individuals, free to dress however they choose, all looking to take your stack and send you home with a story," said Heller. "We're trying to show a little respect to anybody with the guts to play this game. Now you can look good at the tables, and away from them."

Based in Boston and Las Vegas, RISE was created by a group of poker players, fans and designers who believe it's time for a serious action lifestyle clothing line that is born from poker yet transcends the game. RISE is for people who thrive in competition, who calculate odds but never think about losing. We embrace individuals who define themselves by the obstacles they overcome, who rise when others fold and who possess an unrelenting belief in their abilities. We know that it often takes the toughest opponent or challenge to bring this greatness out of us. And we live for those days. RISE: Born from Poker, Worn for Life.