NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 2, 2010) - LIBOX, the company rethinking the digital media experience, today announced a radically simplified process for sharing HD media and a free iPad app. Now you can instantly share complete HD video and photo albums with as few as two clicks of the mouse. LIBOX also introduced significant new features and platform updates to improve the overall performance of the free service, with more developments slated for the coming months.

"At LIBOX, we're focused on making it easy to share your full media collection, across your devices and with your friends -- without compromises," said Erez Pilosof, founder and CEO of LIBOX.

"With vastly simplified sharing and the new iPad app, LIBOX is taking the concept of 'media anywhere' to the next level. We offer a free, unlimited service, across multiple platforms to let users enjoy and easily share their full HD media collection, whenever and wherever they want.

"One of the main reasons I created LIBOX was to challenge the status quo for media fans: a free service that makes it possible to really get the most out of our media collections. No one is doing this the way we are -- and there is still a lot more to come."

The free LIBOX service lets you play, view and share your entire HD media collection -- video, photo, music and documents -- from any device. LIBOX will never limit the amount or type of media you can play and share through your LIBOX account, including media that is shared with you. The patent-pending LIBOX technology intelligently syncs and streams media to create a seamless user experience for all types of media, across all types of devices -- without depending on costly cloud storage. Check out the LIBOX video to see how it works.

LIBOX Radically Simplified HD Media Sharing

  • Share your HD media in as few as two clicks, even from mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone
  • Simple and safe sharing options:
    • "All Friends": Share your HD media with all friends or specific groups that you create
    • "People": Share your HD media with specific individuals
    • "Only Me": Create a private photo album, video or audio playlist or mixed media collection within your LIBOX account

Free LIBOX iPad App
Users can now enjoy their entire collection of HD video, photos, and music on their iPad for free with the LIBOX iPad application. The LIBOX iPad app allows users to instantly enjoy and share their entire media collection, no matter where it is stored locally, without worrying about storage limitations. Because the LIBOX iPad app offers the same full experience and interface as the LIBOX desktop and web apps, there is no need to learn any new tricks. The LIBOX iPad app joins a quickly expanding line-up of supported devices, with desktop apps for Windows PC and Mac, an iPhone app, as well as support for all major web browsers, including Safari and Android mobile browsers. Next up is a LIBOX Android app.

LIBOX iPad App Features

  • All Media: LIBOX lets you enjoy all media formats for music, photos and video -- you never have to think about whether you have the right type of media player. Easily stream any type of media from your PC or Mac to your iPad. 
  • Intelligent Syncing and Streaming: Add photos and videos from your iPad to LIBOX and they are automatically available across all devices you use to access your LIBOX account. LIBOX also intelligently adjusts syncing and the quality of streaming to give you the best possible experience. 
  • High Definition: Enjoy all of your HD media on the iPad's 9.7 inch high resolution screen without ever sacrificing quality.
  • Never-ending Playlist: Enjoy your entire music, photo and video collection wherever you are, regardless of the storage available on your iPad.

LIBOX New Features & Platform Updates

  • Music: A new music player offers improved music management and playback. Now it's easier to change your current music selection no matter what else you're doing in LIBOX.
  • Instant Streaming and Syncing: LIBOX will now automatically provide an instant stream of media from other computers while downloading the media in original size and quality in the background. LIBOX also added the ability to skip from point to point within audio or video tracks and drastically improved streaming load times for web and mobile access.
  • Documents and Folders: Add "watched" folders or drop entire folders into LIBOX to easily navigate and view media in their original folder structure from any device -- including mobile devices. Now Microsoft Office documents and PDFs are synced and viewable from LIBOX, including from mobile devices. Changes to local folders are fully mirrored in LIBOX so you can easily find your media.
  • A complete list of LIBOX platform release notes is available at

"Many of these improvements come straight from the feedback or requests of active LIBOX users. We're always listening to our users and looking for ways to improve the LIBOX experience," said Pilosof.

To get started, download the LIBOX desktop app, add media and friends. Now you can enjoy your media from any device where you access your LIBOX account and you can start sharing your media with family and friends. It's that simple. For details, check out the Getting Started section of

LIBOX is rethinking digital media so that everyone has the ability to share and experience high quality media on any device, the way it should be: free, easily and without limitations. LIBOX aims to dramatically advance the consumer media industry with a platform that attracts a robust ecosystem of content partners and developers, giving consumers the benefit of competitive innovation. Your media. Your way.

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