CHICAGO, IL and PARIS--(Marketwire - December 3, 2010) - Enablon, the world's leading provider of Sustainability Management software solutions, announced today that it has been mentioned in a report from Forrester Research Inc. titled "Market Overview: GRC Platforms an Overwhelmingly Diverse Market Struggles for Definition, While Few Leaders Emerge."

Enablon recognized for one of the broadest and deepest platforms for Governance, Risk & Compliance
As the world's largest Sustainability Management software provider, Enablon has been providing global companies with solutions to measure and reduce their impacts, better control and manage their risks while improving their bottom line.

In the Forrester assessment of GRC vendors focus areas, Enablon is recognized for core competencies in 9 out of 12 areas including: financial control management, operational risk, environmental risk, business continuity, vendor risk/compliance, employee health & safety, corporate social responsibility and audit management.

According to the report, "Enablon brings elements such as sustainability and environmental management to GRC. The company merges capabilities for environmental management and reporting into more traditional GRC domains like financial controls and management."

"Efficient Governance, Risk and Compliance Management requires companies to take into consideration human, community, environmental, internal and external factors on par with financial, compliance and operations variables," said Phil Tesler, CEO of Enablon North America. "Enablon's expertise in the traditional GRC markets and leadership in the broader Sustainability space make it ideally positioned to help companies respond to the more complex Risk Management challenges of our Times."

The Sustainability Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance Platforms
Enablon solutions for Sustainability Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance enable companies to accurately measure nonfinancial data, manage their operational risks, streamline their compliance processes, strengthen their audits and controls and ensure business continuity, both internally and throughout the supply chain.

Enablon offering is composed of the following software suites:

  • Risk Management, Internal Control, Audit & Business Continuity
  • Corporate Governance & Legal Management
  • Corporate Responsibility & Sustainable Supply Chain
  • QEHS Compliance & Performance Management
  • Air, Energy and Carbon Management

About Enablon
Enablon is the world's leading provider of Sustainability, QEHS and GRC software solutions, used by more than 250 global companies and 200,000 users worldwide.

Global companies are using Enablon solutions worldwide to improve the reporting and management of their sustainability and environmental, health & safety performance, reduce their footprint, better manage their risks, reduce costs and streamline business processes.

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