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Holiday Tips From the Pros

MISSION, KS--(Marketwire - December 6, 2010) - (Family Features) Whether you're a novice cook or a hopeful professional, there are always new things to learn about preparing a great holiday meal.

These tips, from the professional chef instructors at Le Cordon Bleu, can help you create a holiday dinner to remember.

  • Brine your Bird. The secret to a moist and flavorful turkey is to brine it. The base of your brine should be one cup kosher salt and one cup sugar per gallon of water. Add customized flavor with your choice of herbs, garlic and other aromatics, and even slices of citrus. Let the turkey soak (refrigerated) for about one hour per pound of meat. Then, rinse the turkey under cold water, pat it dry and roast it.
  • Glaze the Ham. Add extra flavor to your holiday ham with a beautiful glaze. Don't add the glaze too soon in the cooking process -- the sugars in the glaze could burn and ruin the ham. Wait to glaze until about 30 minutes before the cooking time is done. Score the ham, then brush on the glaze and finish cooking.
  • Let the Meat Rest. To keep your holiday roast (or any roasted meat) juicy, don't cut it as soon as it comes out of the oven. Cover it loosely with a foil tent, and then set aside for 15 to 30 minutes -- this lets the natural juices get reabsorbed back into the meat, leaving you with a delicious main dish.

At Le Cordon Bleu culinary schools you can learn the skills necessary to pursue a career in the culinary, baking and hospitality industries that's anything but ordinary.

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