DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - December 6, 2010) - Fire door drop testing is an annual fire door inspection requirement that is often overlooked. Fire Door manufacturers, fire door engineers and fire door technicians wanted to show the world just how critical fire doors are for fire safety, so they created an historic event presented by the IDA (International Door Association) in a vacant paint warehouse in Lapeer, Michigan.

Fire door design engineers, door technicians and the local Lapeer fire department participated in a news documentary for WVSN Reports to illustrate an often-overlooked annual test requirement on rolling overhead fire doors. News crews were on hand as the IDA members demonstrated the actual fire door drop test required as a standard of NFPA 80 (National Fire Protection Association).

Dan Beckley of the IDA who was the spokesman for the IDA project ( commented, "Fire door drop testing is an annual requirement that is often overlooked when reviewing industrial fire protection systems. Fire door drop testing assures the door is in proper working order at all times -- and that it has not been damaged during industrial activity such as being hit with a fork lift or a critical fuse link compromised by paint or anything that would keep the door from closing. Fire doors are the guardian angels of industrial plants and they are the first responders standing as a silent sentry to prevent a small fire from becoming an apocalyptic incineration of a facility. Worse, the fire could even escalate into an explosion causing catastrophic property damage and loss of life even to surrounding populations!"

Beckley continued, "Today we are going to demonstrate the dedication of fire door manufacturers and the ongoing research that continues, protecting schools, hospitals and commercial buildings as well. We are setting an actual fire in a steel drum that we will roll under the fire door in this vacant building to demonstrate how fire door systems work and how crucial they are for public safety."

Following Dan Beckley's comments, five local firefighters heavily equipped with oxygen masks, extinguishing equipment and backed by a hook and ladder fire truck deliberately set a wood fire in a steel drum on wheels which was rolled under the freshly inspected fire door. With cameras rolling, door technicians illustrated the proper working of the fire door and how the barrier protected the adjacent room from fire and smoke.

A participating firefighter for 30 years commented to WVSN Reports, "You can see by our experiment here today how terrifying fire is -- how fast it happens! Thank God for fire doors; after today, one can really see why the Annual Fire door drop test is so important -- what if that door had not closed in a real situation? NFPA 80 states Fire door drop testing must be performed annually."

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