SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - December 7, 2010) - LG CNS [], one of Korea's top information-technology service providers, has developed a solution to traffic headaches in megacities like Beijing and Seoul, leading to 16% more use of public transportation, 6% less carbon emission, and 24% traffic reduction. In these cities, the deployment of the LG CNS transportation payment system -- a unified fare payment technology based on Smart Card -- has had a drastic impact on transportation.

Rising urban traffic congestion has led to huge demands for higher efficiency in public transit which in turn has resulted in improvements for the passengers, easing of taxpayers' burden, and reduction of carbon emissions. Examples include the one-fare system across all bus, highway and train systems, real-time bus information, and free transfers across all systems.

"As the holidays approach, traffic only worsens, especially in the larger cities. Implementing the LG CNS transportation systems will ease congestion and make it a more enjoyable time of year for everyone," said Mr. Yoo, Insang, Director of Smart Transportation of LG CNS.

The LG CNS Smart Card is an all-in-one solution for traffic industries. The system is useful for ticketing as well as many other purposes such as data collection, and can be used in conjunction with credit card companies, banks, and mobile services.

LG CNS is the winner of the top ten hottest Korean companies selected by the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).

About LG CNS
With over 7000 employees, LG CNS provides comprehensive solutions from consulting to system deployment and operation. LG CNS seeks to improve the lives of consumers by providing futuristic, enjoyable, and convenient solutions. For more information about LG CNS, visit them on the web at

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