CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - December 7, 2010) -  Toddy Gear, a provider of The Toddy and innovative and fashionable tech accessories, today announced a partnership with OFFWIRE, a provider of solutions to make wireless retail easy and more profitable, to distribute The Toddy smart-cloth nationwide. The deal brings the first collection of Toddy's to over 1,250 wireless retail stores across the country, including Verizon stores, making them the first brick-and-mortar retailers to carry the fashionable smart-cloth.

The distribution deal with OFFWIRE will help The Toddy continue its quest to wipe away the millions of fingerprints that keep consumers from connecting with their favorite tech gear. According to comScore, by September 2010 58.7 million people in the U.S. owned a smart phone, up 15% since June. That's a lot of dirty, smudgy screens. The Consumer Electronics Association's 2010 report on Digital America concluded that the average cost of a mobile unit was around $170. At those prices, consumers want to keep them looking new as long as possible.

"Partnering with the highly recognized distributor that prides itself in selling only the best in breed products is a great way to kick-off Toddy sales," said Todd Gabel, founder and CEO of Toddy Gear. "Demand has already proven to be high for The Toddy, and we expect to increase distribution to OFFWIRE in the coming year."

OFFWIRE has long established a commitment to quality products since it was founded in 1995. As a distributor of premium cell phone accessories, the Toddy Gear brand fits well with their wide variety of wireless accessories. With OFFWIRE as a first move partner, Toddy Gear enters the market assured that the product is in professional and well-trained care.

"The Toddy smart-cloth is a great addition to our line of mobile phone accessories," said Todd Green, Executive Vice President at OFFWIRE. "The high fashion design combined with its ability to effectively clean touch screen devices scratch free and without liquids is exactly what our customers are looking for."

The 100% ultrafine microfiber smart cloth has been in OFFWIRE's customer stores since mid-October, and has already sold over 4,500 smart cloths. The 5"x7" size Toddy is available in stores in single servings for around $19.95 and exclusively in packs of three.

About Toddy Gear
Toddy Gear is an innovative and fashionable tech accessories brand that is dedicated to cleaning your screen and coloring your world. The company is the manufacturer of The Toddy, the only dual-sided, microfiber cloth that is a smart and stylish way to clean and polish today's high-resolution touch screens and high-tech gear. Toddy Gear and The Toddy are the brainchildren of Todd Gabel, a twenty-year entrepreneurial veteran that has successfully built and sold several technology companies. The company was founded in Chicago and maintains manufacturing facilities in China. The Toddy is available worldwide through and

OFFWIRE is a value added distributor of mobile phone accessories based in Omaha, NE. Since 1995, OFFWIRE has grown by helping its clients "Maximize Every Customer Touch" by providing training, promotions and risk-free inventory. To learn more about OFFWIRE's 3/45 program, cellular phone accessories, "Guaranteed Profit" programs and cellular phone retail services, visit our website and our blog or call 1-888-OFFWIRE.

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