NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 8, 2010) - AdGenesis LLC, a fast growing video matchmaking service that connects brands with consumers 'most likely to buy,' today unveiled its new video advertising unit branded AdMatch®.

AdMatch is priced so that the advertiser only pays per unique consumer who proves they paid attention to a video advertisement from start to finish on either mobile devices, PCs or laptops. In addition to pay for performance, other payment options include the impressions from e-mail or mobile notification and various activation components like brand loyalty points, coupons and other offers from the brand. More than a dozen patents are pending for the various components of the AdMatch unit, as well as AdGenesis's unique infomediary technology.

Unlike any other advertising platform on the market, AdGenesis is a white-label solution offered to publishers who want a turn-key, independent video advertising offering to generate revenue. These publishers' aggregate users into the AdGenesis network of consumers who opt-in information about their interests and near-term buying intentions. Based on this information, brands are matched to consumers who are notified via e-mail or mobile alert of the 'match made' and directed to view the brand's video, receive rewards for proving they watched the content and given offers from the brand with every video.

"The AdMatch unit appeals to advertisers seeking consumers who are their most likely buyers and only want to pay for audience performance," said Michael Kelley, CMO AdGenesis. "This new video advertising gives publishers the ability to move ad placement from content adjacency to consumer touch point adjacency and creates vast amounts of high-quality ad inventory that can be measured with proven ROI. More importantly, consumers win with videos, rewards and offers from brands that they are actually interested in. It's turning video impressions into valuable brand experiences."

AdGenesis initially launched reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers on and on with the following impressive statistics:

  • The click through from the initial email that tells opted-in consumers that they have an offer waiting is between 10% and 30%.
  • Confirmation that a video has been watched is between 80% and 90%.
  • Clicking through to the call-to-action is between 5% and 20%.

Steve Katelman, VP of Global Digital Partnerships for Omnicom Media Group, one of the world's largest media buying agencies agrees that the AdGenesis model of partnering with consumers to deliver relevant brand messaging is the way of the future. "It was inevitable that this concept would be developed and delivered. Consumers want relevancy and the option to choose. AdMatch offers both of these components and we are looking forward to adopting the AdMatch experience for the many brands that we work with."

AdGenesis puts the consumer in control and regularly queries them on everything from pastimes and hobbies to preferred vacation spots, favorite foods and much more. This information is then used to create the overall AdMatch experience, which includes e-mail notification, actual video assets and rewards for program participation including brand loyalty points, coupons and other special offers.

About AdGenesis LLC
AdGenesis ( owns and operates a white label video advertising platform that is built around its own global network of opt-in consumers. In exchange for offering up buying habits, brand preferences and purchase intents, members are matched to highly relevant videos from brands. Each video contains a reward from the advertiser as a way to thank the consumer for their time and attention and, every video has an accompanying 'call to action' to drive click through. With video view and engagement taking place on mobiles and online, click through rates are currently in excess of 10%. The New York-based company was founded in 2010 by successful advertising and media entrepreneurs, Richard Smullen and Laurent Alhadeff.

Since inception, AdGenesis and sister company, Beezag, have raised over $4 million from founders and a group of angel investors. The company's Executive Council includes its board of directors, Richard Bressler, Michael Kassan, Gerry Byrne, Richard Smullen, Laurent Alhadeff and Oliver Ripley as well as Wenda Harris Millard of MediaLink, TimurSardarov of Ocean Group International; Clifford Gundle, a member of the Dean's Council of Harvard; Robert Friedman of Radical Media; Rick Sirvaitis, former President and COO of GM Mediaworks and Michael Kelley, former PwC Senior Partner for Digital Marketing Advertising and now serves as the AdGenesis CMO.

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