EATONTOWN, NJ--(Marketwire - December 13, 2010) - A new web-based application delivers comprehensive machinery condition information, 24/7, in a multi-user, interactive format.

The portal -- CAC Decision Point® -- enables users to make maintenance decisions, take appropriate actions and to report these actions back to company databases and analysts.

Condition Analyzing Corporation (CAC), the industry's leading provider of shipboard vibration analysis and condition monitoring services, publicly unveils the new service for industry today.

John McNeil, CAC's President, said, "Chief Engineers don't have time to explore the methods and approaches to condition monitoring -- they're making a ship run. They need to know what is going on with the machinery. We tell them."

McNeil said the new CAC Decision Point portal presents information in a centralized location where shore side managers and regulators have an efficient means of viewing outstanding issues on all vessels in a fleet. "For us, the portal means better answers to the questions, 'What is going on with the machinery?,' and 'What should we do?' For fleet management, it means better data for priority planning and risk management. It's a great tool."

How it Works...
CAC Decision Point can be securely accessed from a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer. Users can log in and view a dashboard that lists all vessels that are currently under management and quickly identify the machinery that may require corrective actions. The user can access a full range of reports such as historical trends, repair records, or they can even drill down into the raw data that was used by CAC to make the machine assessment.

CAC Decision Point is a secure depository of comprehensive data and information to enable reporting and comparison capabilities to ship personnel, fleet management and class societies. CAC's advanced reporting technology also can be fully integrated into any Fleet Management Condition Monitoring module. To further support CAC's Decision Point, the company's technical, administrative and sales experts respond promptly to client emails.

About Condition Analyzing Corporation
Helping clients save millions of dollars by reducing maintenance costs, maximizing the useful life of machinery and enhancing on-board, safety and in-house equipment reliability has made Condition Analyzing Corporation (CAC, founded 1969) the world's leading provider of shipboard-condition monitoring services.

Active in shipping operations worldwide, CAC's North American operations are managed from the company's headquarters in Eatontown, N.J. The company maintains an active presence in Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Canadian waters. Asia-Pacific operations are centered in the company's Singapore office, through CAC Singapore Pte., Ltd. More information about CAC is available at or contact +1 732 542 5588.