IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - December 14, 2010) - Lucy Dunn, President and CEO of the Orange County Business Council and Commissioner of the California Transportation Commission, was honored with a Resolution from the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Board of Directors for her contributions to California's transportation policy, planning and help in securing funding improving every Orange County freeway.

OCTA commended Ms. Dunn "for her leadership in transportation funding for multi-modal projects benefiting commuters countywide as well as the economy and environment. The time, effort, and dedication Commissioner Lucy Dunn has invested in resolving difficult statewide transportation policy issues in 2010 is truly remarkable, and the Orange County Transportation Board of Directors affords her the greatest respect, admiration, and appreciation for all her current and future efforts as a CTC Commissioner."

As a Commissioner of the CTC, Ms. Dunn has been a tireless advocate for a business-oriented approach to statewide transportation funding policies and processes. Through her work developing innovative statewide policies related to public-private partnerships, design-build project delivery, and streamlining of transportation funding programs, Ms. Dunn helped secure approximately $530 million in state and federal funds for critical Orange County transportation projects in 2010.

With this funding, OCTA has completed the SR-91 widening -- the first Recovery Act transportation project to be completed in Orange County--and the I-5 Gateway Project that was the final link in the original Measure M freeway improvement program. Notwithstanding the State's economic challenges over the last few years, the CTC has been busy with programming and funding transportation projects. To date, the Commission has allocated over $5 billion in state and federal dollars, mostly to projects ready to commence construction.

"Orange County's 9.1% unemployment means 274,000 folks are unemployed or underemployed here at home," said Ms. Dunn. "That's the bad news. The good news is that infrastructure funding is the best kick-start to a sluggish economy. OCTA's expeditious programming of state and federal funds creates jobs today that enable OC to lead all California metropolitan areas in jobs creation." 

The CTC is responsible for programming and allocating funds for the construction of highway, passenger rail and transit improvements throughout California. The Commission also assists in formulating and evaluating state policies and plans for California's transportation programs and is an active participant in the initiation and development of State and Federal legislation that seeks to secure financial stability for the State's transportation needs.

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