ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwire - December 23, 2010) - The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) has seen an increased trend in people giving themselves and others the gift of facial plastic surgery. In fact, 36 percent of Academy members surveyed in 2009 noted this trend in their individual practices.

Whether giving yourself a new look for the New Year or sharing this gift with a friend, the Academy aims to ensure that potential patients have the latest, most accurate information to deliver safe and positive outcomes. This holiday season the AAFPRS offers need-to-know tips for those considering facial plastic surgery in 2011:

The best patient is an informed patient. Do your homework on procedures and treatments before visiting the surgeon so you are armed to have an informed conversation when you get there.

The AAFPRS has made the third edition of "The Face Book: A Consumers Guide to Facial Plastic Surgery" available electronically for purchase by Amazon Kindle™ users. "The Face Book" is the quintessential guide to facial plastic surgery, featuring the latest facial aesthetic trends and treatments with three new chapters on innovative non-surgical procedures such as neurotoxins, injectable fillers and non-ablative laser and light therapies. Other highlights include full-color before and after photos that accurately portray post-operative results, as well as patient testimonials. 

To purchase an electronic version, please visit The cost is $9.99 per download. An iBook will be available from the iBookstore within the next few weeks. Hard copies of "The Face Book" are available for order at

When you select a facial plastic surgeon you are putting your trust -- and face -- in that physician's hands.

It is imperative that the surgeon you choose is highly credentialed and board certified to ensure the best possible outcome. Never hesitate to pre-screen a surgeon, ask to speak to past patient references or seek a second opinion. 

Academy physicians are the foremost experts in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. The Academy provides a free database of member surgeons on its website This resource is a good place to start the search for the right surgeon to meet your needs.

"The Academy and its member surgeons hold patient safety to the utmost regard and our hope is that potential patients consider these tips when considering the gift of facial plastic surgery in 2011," said Dr. Jonathan Sykes, AAFPRS president. "We are continually looking to leverage the latest technology when it comes to the education and safety of our patients. The new e-book offers quick and easy access to accurate information on the latest trends and procedures in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and is a resource that will benefit patients and surgeons alike."

About the AAFPRS:
The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the world's largest specialty association for facial plastic surgery. It represents more than 2,700 facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons throughout the world. The AAFPRS is a National Medical Specialty Society of the American Medical Association (AMA), and holds an official seat in both the AMA House of Delegates and the American College of Surgeons board of governors. AAFPRS members are board certified surgeons whose focus is surgery of the face, head, and neck. AAFPRS members subscribe to a code of ethics. In addition, the AAFPRS provides consumers with free information and brochures and a list of qualified facial plastic surgeons in their area by visiting the AAFPRS website,

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