MISSION, KS--(Marketwire - December 27, 2010) - (Family Features) With a new celebrity fragrance launching in what seems like every month nowadays, it can be hard to determine what fragrance is right for you.

"Wearing fragrance is a deeply personal experience. It says a lot about you, so choosing properly is important," says John Krites, beauty expert for L'Bel, a company known for its luxurious cosmetics and French-produced skin care and fragrances. "Scent can make a first impression, boost your mood and even affect one's alertness and efficiency. The most important part about selecting a fragrance is how it makes you feel. I always advise that women, and men alike, take time to determine if a scent is really the perfect fit for them."

So how does one go about selecting a signature perfume with so many options? Krites shares his top tips.

Follow your nose: Remember to take the time to browse and really select based on what you like instead of what's popular. This way you know it's something you'll be happy wearing for months, or even years.

Mix it up: There's nothing wrong with having more than one signature scent. Fragrances come in five primary categories which include floral, fruity, woody, greens, and oriental. "I recommend having a second scent for special occasions. Maybe it's something with stronger base notes. I love L'Bel's Mithyka fragrance for women in the evening because it's a perfect balance of juicy fruit scents with subtle notes of musk and sandalwood;" says Krites.

Apply properly: It is a common misconception that you should spray fragrance onto your inner wrists and then rub them together. This actually hampers the scent and can cause you to have an improper scent experience. Instead, apply directly to the skin at the neckline, on the interior of the elbow joints and on the inside of the wrists.

Spray, then walk away: The first whiff of a scent is only one impression of how perfume will smell -- scents can actually be different on each person because of body chemistry. "I always tell people never make an impulse buy on fragrance," says Krites. When browsing multiple scents, spritz available scent strips and take them with you out of the store. Perfumes need time to settle, and coming back to them after a few hours will help you make a more informed decision.

Finally, remember to always ask questions of sales associates or friends if you're not sure where to start. Oftentimes, personal recommendations can help make the process less overwhelming.

For more information on L'Bel, its line of over 30 fragrances, and other popular skin care and cosmetics, check out www.lbelusa.com.