ARDEN, NC--(Marketwire - December 28, 2010) - WatchIt Technologies Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTCT) WatchIt Technologies' Air Pure Division announced today an explanation of how the patent pending fuel reformer functions. The device, in the simplest explanation, is mounted in the fuel line between the gas tank and the fuel rails (where the fuel enters the engine). Fuel flows through the device and is "reformed" using patented technology. This reforming process essentially makes the fuel able to burn more completely. Reformed fuel is then introduced into the engine as usual. This "higher efficiency fuel" directly yields more miles per gallon (MPG), while exhaust emissions are reduced correspondingly. The device also reduces wear and tear on the engine due to a more complete burn of the fuel. Accomplishing this produces less contaminants in the engine's lubrication which can coat engine parts with harmful substances. Less adulterants in an engine's lubrication results in longer engine life and potentially fewer oil changes. The current fuel reformer is still performing to standard despite over 80,000 miles of use.

According to Robert Ryon, President and CEO of Air Pure Systems, "The Fuel Reformer is not only applicable to the auto industry, but has tremendous value for agriculture, over the road trucking, maritime, power generation, home heating, and possibly the aircraft industry. As can be envisioned, based on our most recent test results, the possibilities are almost limitless. We anticipate a detailed process of research and development, testing for safety, and then production, but our Fuel Reformer has so many possibilities and revenue-producing business models, that we remain ecstatic about our future."

Dr. Max L. Bennett, President and CEO of WatchIt Technologies, remarked, "If you look at the Macro impact of a device like the Fuel Reformer, it could have a tremendous effect on global economic issues. In the US, it could reduce the amount of foreign oil that is imported as well as reduce the out of pocket expense for purchasing gasoline and diesel fuel. The ripple effect could translate into a reduction in the cost of transporting goods and also reducing the cost of producing our food supply. Carrying it further, this reduction in the import of foreign oil could also have a definitive impact on Homeland Security. The last broad area of impact is the positive effect on the environment. With a reduction in tail pipe emissions, the 'fuel reformer' could potentially lead the way in helping to clean up the environment. As can be seen, it is truly an exciting technology."

About WatchIt Technologies Inc.:

WatchIt Technologies is an alternative "incubator" for developing and emerging "Green Technology" corporations. Its focus is on strategies that are structured to mitigate risk and produce returns in all market environments. Its current investment/development strategy is focused on direct investments in small/micro-cap public companies that have emerging growth and development and are exclusively involved in some aspect of "Green Technology."

It will offer management consultation to companies that meet its strict criteria and vetting process, and align those companies with individuals and financiers to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives.

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