WOBURN, MA--(Marketwire - December 29, 2010) - Acquia, the leader in Drupal for the enterprise, announced today the addition of custom webforms in their world-class Software-as-a-Service website platform, Drupal Gardens. Drupal Gardens offers designers, site builders and content owners the ability to quickly design and build interactive, social publishing microsites directly in a browser, with no software to install or servers to manage. 

The integration of native webforms into a SaaS social publishing platform is a powerful combination only available with Drupal Gardens. It's never been easier for site builders and marketers to create contact forms, surveys, event registrations, lead generation forms and more. Using webforms, site builders can create custom forms by simply dragging and dropping fields into a form workspace. Site builders can then edit survey questions, add selection options, arrange questions into groups and access results directly in the webform interface. Most importantly, marketers and site builders can build and publish these forms within their Drupal Gardens website, eliminating integration headaches associated with third-party survey solutions.

"Now that any Drupal Gardens site can tightly integrate custom forms and surveys, site builders looking for a SaaS offering no longer need to cobble together solutions from multiple vendors and hope they work," said Chris Brookins, Vice President Engineering, Acquia. "Drupal Gardens gives site builders the upper-hand by reducing the number of web technologies they need to master in order to meet business requirements." 

Key Drupal Gardens webform features include:

  • Drag & drop form creation
  • Radio buttons, check boxes and drop down lists
  • Single and multi-line text fields
  • Email address fields
  • File uploads, with control over file sizes and types
  • Customizable confirmation messages and redirection to other pages
  • Automated spam blocking on all forms
  • Control of number of submissions allowed
  • View responses online and export to any spreadsheet
  • Embed forms into other content types e.g. blog posts, news articles and forum posts

"We are extremely excited to roll out this new Drupal Gardens feature; custom webforms give site builders even greater flexibility to create killer websites on our world-class OpenSaaS platform," said Dries Buytaert, CTO and co-founder, Acquia.

Drupal Gardens continues to rapidly bloom, with more than 100 new sites created every day. Organizations realize the value of a single platform for their all their web needs, Drupal Gardens is the perfect solution for rapid deployment of branded marketing and event sites as well as catalogs, knowledge bases and custom landing pages.

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