SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 30, 2010) - GAIN Fitness today announces Quick Workout in public preview release, bringing unprecedented personalization and precision to online fitness applications. Quick Workout is a single-day workout, optimized to an individual's fitness goal, equipment, and time available from over 400 exercises. The web-based application automates personal training, creating the kind of workout a fitness trainer would handcraft for a paying client. The app is free, and available at

GAIN Fitness joins fast growth fitness technologies like Wii Fit, Nike Plus, iFitness, P90X, and DailyBurn, and is poised to disrupt the fitness industry, which has been overly focused on "pain" and "loss" in recent years, and suffers from sensationalized marketing and consumer-unfriendly distribution models (think infomercials and Photoshopped before/after advertisements).

"With the pace of daily life getting more intense all the time, finding time to work out is increasingly a challenge," said Nick Gammell, founder and CEO, GAIN Fitness. "We created GAIN Fitness to help people quickly and easily create fitness programs that work for them, without spending a lot of money on trainers and supplements. We want to change the way people approach staying in shape by crafting personalized programs customized to people's unique needs and real-time constraints. Quick Workout is the first piece of this platform."

GAIN Fitness has created proprietary algorithms that draw from across the disciplines of exercise science, computer science, and decision science. Its motivational loop leverages the best of gaming dynamics, social media and machine learning to get people started and keep them progressing. GAIN Fitness was founded by a team of former Google employees and a fitness trainer / Fulbright Scholar. 

Quick Workout produces efficient and effective workouts that allow users to work out anytime, anywhere. The company will roll out additional features including pictures, videos and mobile apps, tracking and social features, and a multi-day, multi-week progressive workout program called the "GAIN Plan." 

"The $120 billion fitness industry is full of companies that offer broad solutions which just don't work for everyone," said Gammell. "By building a truly personalized digital training platform, we're bringing people personal fitness that scales. Our mission is to help people get fit -- not sell products or training sessions."

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About GAIN Fitness
Gain Fitness's web and mobile apps personalize and scale exercise science to fit individuals' unique lifestyles. Their team of ex-Googlers and a Fulbright Scholar have created proprietary algorithms that apply exercise science to create highly personalized, dynamic workout programs based on an individual's body, goals and lifestyle. Their motivational loop will leverage the best of gaming dynamics, social media and machine learning to get people started and keep them progressing.

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