Cigirex USA Pledges Save-a-Life New Years Gift to Millions Pledges New Year Gift-of-Life to Millions!

Claremont, California, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Please read the heartfelt personal testimony of professional interventionist Ron Espudo, from the Award Winning television show Intervention


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The new corporate heart of America beats in visions beyond actor Michael Douglas' "Wall Street" quote that "Greed is Good." and Jason Cardiff, President & CEO of Cigirex USA is going all out to prove it. Seizing the opportunity to combine corporate conscience with profits Cardiff will gift-back a full 30-days money-back guarantee to encourage the tobacco-addicted an opportunity to keep their 2011 New Year's "QUIT" resolution, a match to Australia's ambitious campaign plus that in the UK.

"Giving the Gift of Life with electronic Cigirex is our New Year start to help the number one 2011 resolution other than weight loss. Millions mean it but less than .0002 % of all Stop-Smoking New Year's resolutions can be kept for 12 months or more!" warns Cardiff. "So this year Cigirex wants to offer to any one that is looking to kick the nasty habit a-once-in-your lifetime money back after a month's try. Cigirex is so convinced that their product is just as enjoyable as traditional cigarettes that we'll back you. Try it! Our Gift-of-Life to unhook the tobacco addicted with Cigirex so tell your buddies, family, and friends to join us. Cigirex is your passport to a Happy New Year..for Life!"

 ** Highly dramatic is the true and thrilling story attested to by Ron Espudo, professional interventionist on the A&E award-winning TV series "INTERVENTION".

 "I've struggled with Cigarette addiction for 26 years," states Espudo. "About a year ago I began another addiction, one a little more disgusting than cigarettes. I started chewing tobacco with the intention to stop smoking. Well after a few close calls with some serious heart palpitations? I stopped smoking. 2 weeks later, I was dipping a full tin of Skoal a day. I've got a friend of mine who owns a tattoo shop in Hollywood California. And there was a gentleman there who had heard me talking about my struggles with cigarettes. His name was David Arquette. The Actor tried for 3 hours to get me to try this plastic looking Cigarette. He claimed it was totally helping him NOT to smoke. Well after the 3rd hour of relentlessly telling me about Cigirex? I tried it. I spent the rest of the night not dipping Skoal. But not having to take massive puffs of Cigirex. I was sold. A little about me, I'm a drug and alcohol Interventionist. I've worked primarily in the Music and Motion Picture industries. For over 20 years. I've worked as a Sober Coach as well. I have worked with well over 1800 people. I'm currently shooting my first season of the show 'Intervention', the A&E network. In all of my years of working, I've encountered so many people who smoked cigarettes. About 98% of these people want to quit as well. I always tell my clients "One thing at a time, let's focus on the Drugs and Alcohol because I don't want you getting disappointed when you can't quit. And have that trigger something worst down the road". Well now there's a product available that can minimize that possible disappointment. That product is Cigirex. I have completely stopped ALL forms of tobacco intake for well over a month now. I've got 3 months off of Cigarettes. What Cigirex has done for me? It's what NO other product has given me, when trying to quit smoking, Confidence, Courage and Hope. I stand by Cigirex. I've told all of my clients who are looking to quit smoking. They see me, and they even say "Rod you smoked Camel non-filters for 26 years, and this fake looking cigarette is working in your life? I've got to try it."

Cigirex electronic cigarettes have gained a huge celebrity following and consumers are catching up gratefully. Celebrate-with-Cigirex electronic smokers point to stunning new statistics n the United States where an estimated 25.6 million men (25.2 percent) and 22.6 million women (20.7 percent) are smokers. ( )       

In the new movie The TOURIST, Johnny Depp smokes an electronic cigarette and explains all of the benefits to Angelina Jolie.  Electronic cigarettes boast of no carcinogens; no cigarette butts; no second hand smoke; no smelly cars and homes and restaurants; no yellow teeth; no tobacco.  The celebrity topper was to see mega-star Johnny Depp "light up" with his tobacco-free e-cig on the big screen.

Techno-science scored another smoking win-win with a Cigirex Smoke-Off challenge to save lives, stress, and free choice to smoke a new "avatar" electronic cigarette. USA smokers are competing with Brits in opting for the alternative "smoke anywhere" legal Cigirex product still sweeping the UK. Statistically an estimated 25.6 million men (25.2%) and 22.6 million women (20.7 percent) are smokers, says the American Heart Association.   Smokers are pilloried for smoking tobacco.   They struggle with the social and health stigmas associated with their smoking habits.            

Smokers can now retain their dignity and satisfaction by switching to a safer choice thanks to the new techno-science development of Cigirex, an electronic product without the twin evil ingredients: tobacco and tars. The "avatar" cigarette, identical in looks, tactile feel and with the "drag" release of a miniscule nicotine fix to avert withdrawal symptoms enhances the adult smoker's pleasure. It is a needed "fix" minus the addictive poisons, so Cigirex has proved useful, too, as an enabler to quitting the tobacco habit entirely by freeing up the nicotine hold on the body.   The Cigirex simulated exhaled smoke adds an esthetic plus, a harmless water vapor that ensures a clean environment minus second-hand smoke pollution that harms non-smokers.

First UK invasion of The Beatles launched a media mania. The British love for Cigirex is now rivaled by U.S. celebrities joining them. An A-list of anti-tobacco celebrities includes Paris Hilton, David Arquette (married to Courteney Cox), Katherine Heigl (Gray's Anatomy).   Non-cigarette-smoker David Letterman, fascinated with the electronic alternative to tobacco smoking said Heigl was on the right track. Julia Roberts has also been among staunch anti-cigarette-tobacco advocates in Hollywood.

Switching from conventional cigarettes to Cigirex has been a major game changer in Hollywood lifestyles.   On or off the set, soundstages or public places one hears, "Fans love me and my Cigirex.   . . . We can "lighten-up' in any room, party, soundstage, recording studio . . . take a drag of a Cigirex and feel good. No tars-tobacco poisons to harm the body.   The nicotine fix in a Cigirex is enough to quiet the nerves, stop the over-eating jags.   Cigirex is good to go anytime anywhere".  In celeb circles the cosmetic plus of smelling good and looking great, without second-hand smoke to make one a social pariah among non-smokers, has been a major game-changer. Electronic-Cigirex smokers are socially acceptable.

"Finally technology has caught up to the tobacco industry," notes Chris Falcioni, the Director of Sales USA for Cigirex. "Cigirex brand electronic cigarettes offer a much healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. They are regarded as legal, outside and inside, where tobacco products have been banned. The smoking experience is duplicated (even to the softly glowing tip which is battery-powered). However there is No Tar, No Tobacco no dangerous carcinogens and no real smoke. The nicotine pacifier in Cigirex aids in withdrawal symptoms from tobacco furthering a helpful option to quit.

"The water vapor from Cigirex looks exactly like real smoke," Falcioni points out, 'however there is no second hand danger, no smell, no eye irritation and no chance of a fire starting.   Harmless water vapor is a simulant, not a stimulant. Until now the only solutions to tobacco smoking were the patch, nicotine gum, going to a clinic or sheer willpower. Finally, Cigirex provides an answer that makes sense.   The future of smoking is now with Cigirex brand-e cigarettes.  Cigirex Electronic cigarettes are NOT "drug delivery devices" the Federal Appeals Court has ruled so they may be regulated only as "Tobacco" products, not "drug delivery devices".


C is for Congratulations

I is for My Inspirations

G is for Good Health Vibrations



E is for Great Expectations!

X is for Xceptionality!

Happy Cigirex Electronic Smoke-Off is part of the New Year 2011 commitment that smokers are invited to take to advance their smoking pleasures without feeling guilty. Guilty or not, tobacco smokers report that they suffer separation-anxiety on trying to quit until Cigirex-electronic avatar cigarettes came along. With its unique tactile design and trace of nicotine to ease withdrawal symptoms, the future of smokers is changing.

"Nagging an addict to give up any habit will not work," warns Jason Cardiff, President and CEO of Cigirex in California. "You can't denigrate a smoker who has been addicted to tobacco and expect to be listened to or loved. Understanding is the key to our research. We aspire to help the millions of smokers still out there and give them the best alternative for their guilty pleasures. For smokers and non-smoker advocates Cigirex electronic-cigarettes provides the Gateway to switch. We support the Techno-science research that goes into the making and design of Cigirex."

Cigirex will launch its first annual electronic "Glow-Around-The-World" fest for 2011 dedicated to smokers and non-smokers. The tips of Cigirex light with an incandescent battery-powered glow. From the USA to the UK there will be a virtual map of Cigirex success stories to compile.

Cigirex will offer a HelpLine to Smokers with a new Cigirex Pledge notes Cash Anderson, Executive Coordinator for Cigirex. Saluting Rod Espudo's moving and unsolicited  personal tribute to Cigirex, Anderson notes that Espudo joins the show INTERVENTION (A&E award winning TV series) after carrying out 629 interventions in his twenty-one years of practice, with clients ranging in age from twelve to eighty-six years old. As a tribute renew our own pledge.

Cigirex-Electronic Smokers Pledge

I Own the Right to...

C    Care for Myself, My Body, My Spirit!

I     Inspire myself and others.

G   Grow Up. . . Yes! One Day at a Time.

I     Invite others to Celebrate with me.

R   Rejoice in Life. 

E   Enjoy Every Day Breathing Clean Air: My Place, My Home, My Business, My Friends, My Family,

X   Xpress my Feel Good Feelings and Live Life Fully!

                        Cigirex USA is based in Ontario, CA.


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