CHESTERFIELD, MO--(Marketwire - January 4, 2011) - It's no accident that Healthy Weight Week is celebrated during the third week of January each year. Traditionally, people start a diet and exercise program in the first week of the New Year, falter in the second week, and settle back into old habits in the third week. Reliv International hopes that highlighting Healthy Weight Week, January 16-22, will help individuals stay on course and adopt a new attitude toward their weight and their health in general.

According to Dr. Carl Hastings, chief scientific officer of Reliv, there is no one, magic formula to calculate "healthy weight." Factors such as height, age and gender, as well as activity level, all help to determine a target weight for each person.

"The important thing to understand, and accept, is that the key to reaching a healthy weight is not radical dieting," said Dr. Hastings. "If you eat a variety of the right kinds of foods every day, eat only when you are hungry, make regular physical activity a part of your life, and learn to accept and respect your own appearance, your body will reach and maintain its own 'healthy weight.'"

Dr. Hastings offers the following guidelines to achieving a healthy, diet-free lifestyle:

Get real: Stop dieting and focus on normalizing your eating habits. Follow a regular schedule for eating, with three meals and one or two snacks a day to keep hunger at bay.

Drink plenty of water: It's easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Reach for a glass of water before you reach for a snack.

Be adventurous: Enjoy foods from all five food groups -- grains; fruits; vegetables; meat, fish and beans; and dairy -- to help meet your body's nutritional and energy needs. Enjoy the rainbow of variety that fresh fruits and vegetables offer and learn to like new foods.

Pay attention: Savor the food you eat. Enjoy it the way you would enjoy a conversation with a friend. And then listen to your body to learn to recognize inner signals of hunger and fullness.

Train your taste buds: If you consistently select foods that are moderate in fat, sugars and salt, your taste will evolve to expect -- and enjoy -- these tastes. If some foods taste too good to do without, eat them in moderation.

"The results from putting these healthy eating habits in place may not be as dramatic as the results you see from the latest fad diet," said Hastings. "But the benefits will be lasting and the effects will have an impact on more than your clothing size. Combined with a thoughtful program of nutritional supplementation, this sensible approach to eating will help you maintain your health, increase your energy and add to your enjoyment of everyday activities."

He recommends that local residents consult with a nutritional specialist, such as a Reliv distributor, before adding any supplements to their routine.

Reliv International offers essential daily nutrition and weight loss products, along with items focused on heart health, joint health, digestive health and blood-sugar management. With a business opportunity that gives people control over their lives, Reliv International provides its independent distributors with the tools and incentives they need to build a lucrative career.

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