NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 4, 2011) - Reliant Security, the market leader in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance technology solutions for retail merchants, today announced multiple new features for their flagship product, the MPS Redbox. Next week Reliant Security will be showcasing this latest version at NRF held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City (Booth 3030).

The MPS Redbox is a virtualized security platform that comprehensively addresses the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in a highly cost-effective manner. In addition to PCI Compliance functionality, the MPS Redbox now also delivers other innovative applications to multitask the appliance in retail environments. This drives additional value and a significant return on investment.

Before the official rollout, Reliant Security tested the new features among select retail customers. One customer was Total Wine & More, America's largest independent fine wine retailer. Bob Schoening, the Chief Information Officer of Total Wine & More, shared, "Initially we worked with Reliant Security as data security and PCI consultants because we needed to quickly become PCI compliant. We then learned about their MPS Redbox appliance, and the many ways we could leverage the appliance to provide multiple data security and other functionality. After evaluating other alternatives, we decided on Reliant and their MPS Redbox for the high level of security, innovation, and to ensure a successful PCI audit."

The latest MPS Redbox enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Dynamic Configuration. The Dynamic Configuration allows an MPS Redbox to receive a complete configuration customized to a specific store location at the time of initial deployment. This intelligent configuration provides retailers with an extremely simple deployment experience over traditional data security implementations, which need to be preconfigured on a per location basis in advance. The MPS Redbox is fully managed from a central location making it easy to monitor, control, audit, and change configurations over the long term.
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection. The MPS Redbox now offers a Wireless Intrusion Detection System (RWIDS). Managed locally or remotely, RWIDS provides complete wireless intrusion detection for wireless attacks, new access points, or simply to capture traffic. Analysis takes place locally, eliminating the need to "back-haul" large amounts of traffic over a wide area network making things exponentially easier for retailers with foreign access points and WIFI clients.
  • Hosting Payment Applications. The MPS Redbox is an ideal platform to host applications such as a credit switch for in-store credit processing, because of its ability to create separate virtual machines to host individual applications in secure isolation. This allows the secure removal of these components from point of sale systems, taking those systems out of PCI scope.
  • Redbox Music Player. Another in-demand, non-payment feature is the Redbox Music Player (RMP), a centrally managed digital music player and distribution system that can provide in-store music and branded audio and is a much more cost-effective alternative to subscription music systems.
  • VPN Connectivity. Reliant continues to enhance the secure VPN connectivity available on the Redbox. With recent enhancements, it is now possible to support multi-point VPN routing, VPN tunnel failover, and VPN over any combination of 3G wireless networks, broadband, and satellite networks.

"The explosion of threats to the retail security environment for merchants, and the constant stream of additional regulations required have created unprecedented PCI compliance challenges for merchants," said Richard Newman, Managing Partner and co-founder of Reliant Security. "The Redbox technology provides a comprehensive foundation for today's PCI compliance needs, and simplifies the remediation effort for merchants in a very cost-effective fashion. These added MPS Redbox features represent another milestone to our stated goals, which is to provide retail merchants with a cost-effective appliance that meets PCI Requirements and leverages its ability to host other applications, resulting in a very impressive return on investment."

About Reliant Security

Reliant Security is a market leader in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance technology solutions for retail merchants. Our flagship MPS Redbox appliance provides broad, integrated, and high-performance protection against data security threats, while simplifying and reducing the costs of PCI remediation. The MPS Redbox is an open architecture appliance designed to address all of the PCI technical requirements so merchants can achieve a successful PCI audit. The MPS Redbox delivers industry-leading technology such as enhanced dynamic configuration for swift deployment across thousands of remote store locations. Its virtualized, open platform goes beyond PCI security needs; thus, the PCI investment can be leveraged to host any number of other in-store applications. Our customers include merchants such as Party City, Whataburger Ventures, Hudson Group, Urban Outfitters, Total Wine & More, and The Salvation Army Family Stores.

Reliant Security is headquartered in New York, NY and is an active member of the PCI Security Standards Council. For more information see

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