LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 6, 2011) - CES - Worlize, Inc. today announced the public beta launch of the first user-created social gaming and chat platform, and with it, YouTube integration. The much anticipated 2D platform brings together a new world of interactivity for users, including the ability to create their own world, objects, avatars and now watch, in real-time, YouTube videos with their friends inside of Worlize.

Worlize empowers users to design an immersive 2D multi-area "Worlz," complete with custom interactivity, in-world objects and personal avatars. Anyone who can edit a photo or draw a picture can create their own world with avatars, accessories and backgrounds. Going miles beyond the standard fare of virtual worlds and social gaming, Worlize capitalizes on our inherent human desire to create, and then to share our creations with others.

"The ability to share videos on the fly and watch them together with your friends in real time adds an incredible new dimension to the Worlize experience. It's been truly amazing to see the creativity of our users as they've found unique ways to integrate video into their worlds!"

With the public beta and YouTube integration, users can now easily drag and drop YouTube videos into their worlz, offering an exciting fusion of the world's largest video-sharing service with the most intricately customizable social experience. Worlize users now have even more features and opportunities to alter the Worlize environment to their liking, within one single, unified social platform. To request a beta invite for Worlize, please log on to

About Worlize, Inc.
Worlize, founded in 2010, is a disruptive new web-based chat and gaming platform that brings together social connectivity and user creativity. Worlize breaks down the walls of existing social games and virtual worlds, providing average users with the ability to create their own experiences. Intrinsically connected to Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks, Worlize joins personal expression with interactivity to deliver a wholly unique experience. Worlize, Inc. is based in Los Angeles, CA.