LOUISVILLE, CO--(Marketwire - January 17, 2011) - myDIALS, a leading vendor of SaaS performance management solutions, today announced a new 14-day free trial program of its myDIALS Online Marketing Module, the industry's first auto-deployed SaaS performance management solution. The Online Marketing Module helps marketers quickly and easily understand the impact of social media outreach, improve the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns, and optimize paid search spend. The fully automated trial program includes loading 30 days of history (seven days for Twitter) as well as ongoing daily updates.

With the rise of online marketing and branding strategies, marketing professionals can spend countless hours scouring spreadsheets and multiple sources -- such as social channels and Google AdWords -- cobbling together a disjointed picture of online marketing results. Now, with just a few clicks in an easy-to-use wizard, myDIALS automatically captures and presents a holistic view of the most relevant metrics, activity and outcomes, allowing marketers to continually improve online marketing outcomes and achieve a greater return on their investment. Combining metrics from different sources, the Online Marketing Module gathers the following actionable information to help marketers quickly assess how to make changes to their online marketing mix to increase incremental revenue and profit.

Online marketing effectiveness:

  • Top mediums by goal conversion
  • Top traffic sources by goal conversion
  • Top paid keywords by goal conversion
  • Top landing pages by goal conversion
  • Top referral sources by goal conversion
  • Top organic search sources by goal conversion
  • Top social media sources by goal conversion

Website activity:

  • Visit activity, statistics, demographics
  • Visitor activity, type, location, source
  • Average visit duration, number of pages
  • Entrances, exit rates, bounce rates
  • Medium statistics
  • Visits by paid search

Paid search:

  • Impressions, position, clicks
  • Click through ratio
  • Costs per click and total costs
  • Quality score
  • Bounce rates by keywords and campaign
  • Keyword and Landing Page performance based on goal conversions


  • Fan activity, demographics and rate
  • Likes, comments, discussions, wall posts, reviews
  • Active user activity and demographics
  • Page views and activity
  • Website referrals, page views, time on site and goal conversions


  • Tweet stats, activity, sentiment
  • Retweet rate, sentiment, demographics
  • Followers
  • Reply activity, sentiment, demographics
  • Mentions, sentiment, demographics
  • Website referrals, page views, time on site and goal conversions

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myDIALS is a leading SaaS performance management platform for the visualization and analysis of right-time performance metrics. A SaaS operational BI solution that incorporates advanced, easy to use analytics, myDIALS enables all users to view, filter and interact with data to make more informed decisions, more quickly. myDIALS connects to any data source for immediate data update and availability, and delivers unparalleled interactivity, knowledge sharing and predictive analytics to support cost-effective continuous improvement. Thousands of users across multiple industries -- including manufacturing, financial services and government -- rely on myDIALS to improve operational performance and business results through better decision making. myDIALS is based in Louisville, Colo. Visit www.mydials.com for more information.

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