MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - Newforma®, a software company addressing the project information management (PIM) needs of architecture, engineering and construction firms, announced today that it is expanding its product line with three new products that complement the latest edition of its industry-proven Newforma® Project Center software. These additions and improvements have been developed in response to industry demand for better solutions to help connect people, processes and information seamlessly and securely for more efficient project delivery. Firms in every discipline -- architecture, engineering and construction -- can leverage this expanded PIM solution to increase profitability, reduce risk and gain competitive advantage. 

In addition to the significant new capabilities and customer-requested enhancements announced today in its press release, "Newforma Launches Newforma Project Center Eighth Edition," Newforma is also introducing the following three new products:

Newforma Project Center Eighth Edition and these new PIM products have all been designed to help architecture, engineering and construction firms optimize evolving work processes that require integration with BIM, increased mobility, greater transparency and improved accountability.

Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell explains, "Newforma continually solicits input from its customers, which include some of the industry's top AEC firms, to understand their PIM needs. Those needs continue to evolve as our customers expand their use of building information modeling, explore integrated project delivery, try to mitigate risk, deliver increasingly complex projects, compete for new work and strive to retain their existing clients. Our customers have long said to us, 'Don't change our work processes, just make them better,' and we have been able to do so with Newforma Project Center. However, AEC work processes are changing, and enabling technologies like ours must evolve with them, so we have developed new, complementary products that support these changes. Our expanded Newforma PIM solution connects project teams and provides access to project information in a more direct and meaningful way than ever before, without compromising security or relinquishing control."

Newforma's PIM solution now includes:

  • Newforma Project Center Eighth Edition -- a major upgrade to the industry-leading PIM software, which includes new features for managing document control, actionable meeting minutes, project images, Microsoft® Office® Excel® reporting, remote access to project files (even from an Apple® iPad® mobile device), and more; for details, see the "Newforma Launches Newforma Project Center Eighth Edition" press release.
  • Newforma Mobile -- a new product module that brings PIM functionality to any smartphone equipped with a mobile browser, including iPhone®, Blackberry® and Android® mobile devices; for more details, click here.
  • Newforma Add-in for Autodesk Revit -- a new product module that connects spaces and elements from within a Revit building information model to related project processes for document control, punch lists, room information management, design review and more; for more details, click here.
  • Newforma Contract Management -- a new product module that provides a comprehensive platform for tracking construction phase and contract administration workflows, including those for RFIs, submittals, change orders, addenda, supplemental instructions, bulletins, punch lists and more; for more details, click here.

All of the products listed above will be commercially available in the second quarter of 2011 upon completion of product acceptance testing by industry-leading AEC firms participating in the Newforma Limited Customer Release program.

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Newforma is a project information management (PIM) software company serving architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) organizations worldwide. The Newforma PIM solution, anchored by the industry-proven Newforma® Project Center software, helps AEC firms organize and share project information, drive accountability, raise transparency and streamline project delivery processes, including those surrounding building information modeling (BIM), integrated project delivery (IPD), contract management and more. Newforma Project Center is currently being used by industry-leading AEC firms to manage information on more than 420,000 projects. For more information about Newforma, visit, read the Newforma Blog, join the Newforma Network at LinkedIn, follow Newforma on Twitter, visit our user community at, or phone +1 603-625-6212.

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