YouMail Launches Android Update With "Social Voicemail"

YouMail's Digital Secretary Service Makes It Easy to Share Voicemail on the Go

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - YouMail Inc. ( today announced an update to its free Android Visual Voicemail Plus application that unlocks voicemail and makes it social. The application now allows users to easily share voicemail not only through e-mail or text messages, but also by posting them directly to Facebook and Twitter. These new social features make YouMail the most comprehensive and feature-rich visual voicemail service anywhere.

YouMail's new update for Android (Version 1.8.2) includes:

  • Simple Sharing. With just a couple of clicks, users can now easily post voicemail on their Facebook wall, and tweet voicemails using existing Android twitter clients, like HTC's Peep. 
  • Smart Reply. YouMail automatically maps incoming phone numbers to e-mail addresses, so users can easily reply to an incoming voicemail with an e-mail or text message, either directly through the YouMail client itself, or through other messaging clients like Gmail -- with the reply automatically including a link to the original voicemail to provide context.
  • Expanded Caller ID. Whenever a caller leaves a message, YouMail now pulls and displays incoming caller photos from the phone's address book and the user's Facebook account -- giving users truly visual voicemail. YouMail also provides the caller's city and state, in addition to their phone number and name.

The average U.S. YouMail user receives 50 or more calls each month they are unwilling or unable to answer. YouMail's free service allows voicemail to be easily accessed, managed, and shared from any smart phone, tablet or web connection. Voicemail sharing allows users to instantly and effortlessly transfer messages to colleagues, friends, or family -- addressing one of YouMail's most common feature requests. 

"YouMail is leading the way in integrating voicemail into the age of social media," commented CEO Alex Quilici. "Voicemail is migrating from a standalone experience into one that's social and intertwined with the rest of a consumer's daily communications."

YouMail is available to post-paid mobile users in the US on all major carriers including AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile. YouMail can also be used to unify a user's mobile voicemail with their voice messages from VOIP service providers such as Google Voice, MagicJack, OOMA, and Vonage.

About YouMail
YouMail, Inc. is a leading provider of communication applications and services for smart phones. These applications and services are built on YouMail's proprietary, massively scalable, hosted communication platform and APIs that speed mobile development. YouMail's Visual Voicemail Plus is the company's flagship, a state-of-the-art mobile voicemail service, with applications available for the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Phone 7 platforms. The free service provides a true multi-platform, unified voicemail experience for its users, and a compelling experience for its callers, through unique features like smart greetings, its greetings community, and personalized greetings. YouMail is being increasingly adopted not only by consumers, with well over one million registered users, but also by carriers as their default or recommended voicemail. YouMail is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and backed by Vantage Point Venture Partners and Tech Coast Angels. To learn more or sign up for YouMail's free service, please visit or download the YouMail application from AppWorld, iTunes, or Android Market.