SANTA CRUZ, CA--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - Rainbow Light will launch a nationwide tour in January with its Mobile Bone IQ Center, offering free bone density testing and education about the importance of bone loss prevention.

More than 40 million Americans either already have osteoporosis or are at high risk due to low bone mass according to the National Institutes of Health. Women are especially at risk with one in three being affected. However, unlike mammograms, the importance of bone density testing is not often emphasized by physicians and many health insurance companies will not cover the cost until the age of 55.

"Every woman should start screening their bones as soon as they start getting mammograms," says Sherri Betz, a geriatric clinical specialist and physical therapist who serves on the Foundation of Osteoporosis Research and Education's professional education committee. "I've seen healthy women in their 30s with premature bone loss caused from excessive athleticism, eating disorders, sedentary lifestyles or certain medications. If we can catch the bone loss on the front end then we have time to slow it down before it causes real damage."

Betz says early detection and prevention of bone loss is an overlooked strategy by many healthcare professionals that if employed could radically decrease the number of osteoporosis patients. Having a bone density test starting at age 30 can provide valuable baseline information for physicians to accurately evaluate the rate of bone loss and also provides an opportunity to make changes in medications or lifestyle choices that could be contributing to premature bone loss. 

To further awareness on the importance of bone health and early bone density testing, Rainbow Light, a leading company in research, education and the formulation of natural nutrition products for the past 30 years, has launched the first in-store bone measuring program, called the Mobile Bone IQ Center. 

Free bone density testing will be offered to the public, utilizing portable GE Achilles Bone Scanners purchased by Rainbow Light for the center at various natural health food stores including Whole Foods Market. The noninvasive test takes one minute and provides a printout of bone density results (T-score) and comparative results with age and gender groups (Z-score) that can be shared with a personal physician. The scanner measures bone mass with real-time ultrasound imaging of the heel bone. 

"If you wait until you're 70 to have your bones scanned, the preventative strategies we recommend will be focused on how to avoid fractures," says Betz. "But if you test for bone density in your 30s or 40s, we can recommend very specific exercises, eating habits, supplementation and lifestyle changes that could help you delay or avoid osteoporosis entirely."

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