WOOD DALE, IL--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - March 8 marks the 100th annual International Women's Day (IWD), a celebration of the strides that women have made toward equality in their family, work and personal lives. lia sophia says that IWD's goals of providing women with choices that empower them to lead full and productive professional and personal lives are a perfect fit with the opportunity that lia sophia presents for women to own their own businesses.

"lia sophia Advisors can set and reach their own goals," said Bonni Davis, Senior Vice President, U.S. Sales and Marketing. "They control their own earning potential by deciding how many hours they want to work each week and how many Shows they want to hold. And, they can balance their business commitments with what matters most to them -- their families, friends and activities."

At a time when the threat of pink slips and downsizing has many families concerned about their financial futures, independent business people like lia sophia Advisors know that they can retain, and influence, their earning power based on their own, individual efforts.

In addition to earning profits on every piece of jewelry they sell, Advisors with the fashion jewelry direct selling organization earn bonuses and other rewards based on sales and the number of Shows they hold.

"Our Advisors love the jewelry and rewards they earn by doing something they love," Davis said. "As they introduce their friends and Customers to the lia sophia opportunity, they are rewarded at even higher levels -- and they get the satisfaction of helping other women discover the means to reach their dreams."

Born out of the socialist movement, IWD is now a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future in both developed and developing countries. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, IWD is a national holiday. Men honor their wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, etc. with small gifts and flowers and in some countries, the day takes on the feel of the American Mother's Day, with children presenting mothers and grandmothers with small presents.

"Our Advisors are honoring all women with every milestone they reach in their lia sophia businesses. lia sophia offers them the opportunity to enjoy financial security without having to sacrifice the things that are most important to them," said Davis.

For women with an entrepreneurial spirit, Davis says that lia sophia combines an extensive line of high-quality products with an unparalleled opportunity to own their own business.

For more information about becoming a lia sophia Advisor or scheduling a Show, please visit www.liasophia.com.

lia sophia Shows bring friends together to try on today's latest fashion jewelry trends.

lia sophia helps women empower other women to work toward financial security without sacrificing family, friends or activities.

A lia sophia Show lets Guests discover the difference that a great piece of fashion jewelry can make to their personal style.

lia sophia helps women look and feel their best wearing today's trends in beautiful fashion jewelry.

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lia sophia
® is a unique direct selling company offering fashion jewelry through personalized in-home demonstrations. Its goal is to improve the lifestyles of its Advisors, Hostesses and Customers with products and opportunities. lia sophia connects women to their dreams, from obtaining beautiful jewelry to empowering their financial futures. For further information, visit www.liasophia.com or call 1-800-487-3323.