NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 20, 2011) - The Taiwan Greater China Fund (NYSE: TFC) (the "Fund"), a diversified closed-end registered management investment company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, announced today that, in order to fully consider strategic options available to the Fund, including among other things, the option of becoming an open-end investment management company, it anticipates holding the Fund's 2010 annual meeting of shareholders in May 2011. 

In addition, the Fund announced the appointment of Mr. Frederick Copeland as Chairman of the Board of Trustees (the "Board") effective January 12, 2011. Mr. Copeland assumes the role after serving as a Trustee of the Fund since May 2004. This appointment follows the resignation as Trustee and Board Chairman of Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski who served the Fund in multiple capacities for many years. Mr. Kuczynski is leaving to pursue the office of President of Peru. With Mr. Kuczynski's departure, the Board approved a formal reduction of its size to five members. 

The Board wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Mr. Kuczynski for his long and distinguished service to the Fund. 

Steven R. Champion, President and Chief Executive Officer, noted, "With breaks for government service, Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski has been involved with the Fund since the founding of our predecessor in Taiwan in 1983. He was instrumental in our move to the New York Stock Exchange in 1989 and contributed to the change in our investment strategy to emphasize Taiwan companies with extensive business operations in China. Pedro's distinguished service to the Fund has provided great benefits to our management, board, and shareholders." Mr. Champion went on to note that "we are fortunate to have an extremely experienced and able successor to Pedro in Rick Copeland."

The Taiwan Greater China Fund is listed and publicly traded in the United States. The Fund is organized for investment in securities of Taiwan issuers by non-Taiwan investors and follows an investment strategy of primarily investing in Taiwan listed companies that derive or expect to derive a significant portion of their revenues from operations in or exports to mainland China.

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