TORONTO--(Marketwire - January 20, 2011) - Global TV has chosen mDialog ( -- the leading provider of in-stream video and rich media ad technology on iOS devices -- to power advertising content on its new iPad video offering. Through mDialog's real-time, in-stream ad delivery services, the network will monetize its iPad programming with highly targeted, dynamic video ad insertion. 

mDialog's first-of-its-kind HTTP adaptive bit-rate video ingest service allows for seamless ad chaptering, enabling to-the-second multi-midroll ad insertions on its iPad player. Reinventing the traditional commercial breaks of network television for a mobile audience, the platform can place multiple, non-skippable commercial ad pods into a standard episode, complete with custom player control features for viewers.

mDialog offers in-depth, real-time reporting and viewership analysis that can gauge audience participation and consumption of ads with innovative features never before possible with television. The app will accordingly empower Global TV to reach individual viewers like never before.

The mDialog platform will also secure Global TV programming against misuse with the latest content security measures for mobile video streaming. This ensures that the content is delivered strictly for the enjoyment of the intended viewer.

"We are extremely pleased that Global TV selected mDialog as their in-stream video ad platform solution for their iPad app," said Greg Philpott, President of mDialog. "Global TV will bring the ad supported network TV model to a huge audience of iPad viewers, providing them with premium content fully monetized via highly targeted advertising."

According to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, Apple could sell upwards of 42 million iPads by the end of 2011. Global TV can reach a rapidly growing, high-end market of viewers, giving the network a huge increase in the amount of potential ad-impressions it can sell, as well as extending the reach of those ads.

About mDialog
The mDialog platform is a real-time, Video as a Service (VaaS) solution that provides video publishers and advertisers a suite of in-stream ad services for mobile devices. The mDialog Dynamic Ad-insertion service lets advertisers increase the relevancy of their brand messaging with real-time, mobile-specific ad-targeting through geo-location, audience interactivity and device level ad frequency capping.