NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 21, 2011) - When patients seek treatment for any kind of issue, they look for the best -- from renowned doctors and cutting-edge techniques to top-notch facilities and advanced technology. Increasingly, patients are also demanding the best when it comes to their treatment experience. Tired of endless waits, cold exam rooms and impatient staff that make an already trying experience more difficult, patients are turning to independent treatment centers that cater to the individual and minimize the impact on patients' personal lives.

With the advent of independent radiation centers, cancer patients are gaining unprecedented access to world-class care that puts the patient first. The advantages of seeking treatment at an unaffiliated treatment facility are twofold: first, independent centers can often accept a wider range of insurance options and provide a more individualized course of treatment; second, they're typically first to acquire the kind of cutting-edge technology that hospitals are slower to adopt. When cancer patients head to Europe for treatment, they're not just going for the progressive treatment and quality of care -- they're going for the highly sophisticated technology and the innovative techniques that technology allows. The new generation of independent treatment centers bring the European model of care to the U.S. for the first time, offering a warm alternative to the sterile and often daunting hospital environment without compromising quality of medical care.

"I think it's easy for doctors to underestimate the toll that radiation treatment can take on patients' daily lives," explains radiation oncologist Dr. Leonard Farber. "The concept behind independent treatment centers is to give patients the superior quality of care they would find at the most progressive institutions around the world while minimizing discomfort and disruption. Using the most precise, innovative technology available to us helps speed treatment time, minimize side effects, and enable patients to maintain some normalcy in their lives."

Dr. Leonard Farber is the driving force behind the Farber Center for Radiation Oncology, New York's first and only freestanding radiation facility. The Farber Center is at the forefront of this patient-focused movement, offering world-class treatment with an emphasis on comfort and convenience. The Farber Center is the first and only facility in New York to offer the following breakthrough treatments:

  • AccuBoost powered by Nucletron: AccuBoost technology uses High Dose Rate (HDR) brachytherapy treatment to target breast cancer in a noninvasive way. In breast conservation therapy, it is important to administer a "boost" dose of radiation to the lumpectomy site to further protect against recurrence. Before each session, AccuBoost helps doctors visualize the treatment area, providing an extremely precise digital map of the target for unmatched accuracy. (5-9 sessions)
  • Elekta Infinity with VMAT Technology: Using real-time 3D imaging that helps conform the radiation beams to the shape of the tumor, this next generation therapy allows doctors to develop a treatment plan tailored to the patient's individual needs, resulting in maximum accuracy and precision as well as a lower incidence of side effects. The flexibility to deliver treatments in uninterrupted rotations of the linear accelerator allows for faster treatment times (as little as two minutes per day).
    SITES TREATED: Head and Neck, Breast, Prostate, Brain, Spine, Lung, GU, GI, GYN
  • Flexitron by Nucletron: This advanced HDR brachytherapy delivery system brings a whole new world of safety to brachytherapy, providing to-the-millimeter accuracy while allowing physicians to administer higher, more concentrated doses of radiation directly to cancer cells. Without having to pass through healthy tissue first, the radiation is delivered precisely and accurately to the tumor, leaving patients with shorter recovery time and fewer side effects. (2-10 sessions)
    SITES TREATED: Prostate, Breast, Skin, Cervix, Endometrium
  • Anatom-e: The same state-of-the-art system used by renowned MD Anderson's BrainSuite®, the Anatom-e combines interactive, highly detailed diagrams with CT scans and intensity modulated radiation therapy to streamline the diagnostic process and prevent the treatment of healthy tissue, sparing organs at risk, reducing side effects and cutting off pathways of spread.

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