POWAY, CA--(Marketwire - January 24, 2011) - BridgeSTOR LLC today expanded its line of Application Optimized Storage (AOS) Appliances with the introduction of its latest appliance for Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM), enabling SMB customers using DPM to shrink their capacity requirements by up to 90 percent -- a 10:1 data reduction ratio. 

The BridgeSTOR AOS Appliances for Microsoft DPM combine industry-proven advanced data reduction techniques along with high performance to provide Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager environments with the most capacity-efficient storage platform available today. Virtual Storage -- Advanced Data Reduction (VS-ADR™) in the BridgeSTOR AOS DPM appliance is configured and tuned for Microsoft DPM environments, achieving levels of capacity optimization previously experienced only with high-end backup data deduplication appliances.

BridgeSTOR AOS Appliances for Microsoft Data Protection Manager address small and medium business and branch office storage needs by coupling inline, no-performance-compromise data deduplication and compression with simplified administration, rapid deployment and an affordable price tag. A 3.5 TB (physical capacity) "starter" system appears to DPM as 35 TB of virtual capacity, expandable to 10.5 TB of physical storage and 105 TB of virtual capacity. 

"The release of the AOS Appliances for Microsoft DPM is the next step in fulfilling our charter to bring enterprise-class capacity optimization to the most data-intensive applications in the SMB market," said BridgeSTOR CEO John Matze. "The applications protected by DPM are all characterized by aggressive capacity expansion and BridgeSTOR is bringing budget relief to SMB customers by shrinking their capacity requirements and storage expenditures."

System Center Data Protection Manager, pre-installed and pre-configured in the appliance, provides comprehensive data protection for Microsoft Windows Server, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Hyper-V environments as well as corporate desktops and laptops. BridgeSTOR AOS appliances supply the block-level interface required for DPM Storage Pools while transparently providing inline, hardware accelerated data deduplication and compression to minimize storage pool capacity requirements. Data sent to DPM by servers, workstations and laptops is compressed and deduplicated both within and across Protection Groups resulting in a capacity reduction of up to 10X.

BridgeSTOR AOS Appliances for Microsoft DPM optimize data protection storage capacity utilization while ensuring data is secure and RAID-protected. Advanced Data Reduction techniques, including data deduplication and compression performed inline at the block-level (below NTFS and DPM Storage Pools), ensure that application performance will be unaffected, while consistently delivering massive storage savings in Data Protection Manager deployments.

BridgeSTOR's exclusive Virtual Storage-Advanced Data Reduction (VS-ADR) technology combines inline, ASIC-assisted block-level data compression and deduplication with "Disk-on-Demand" thin provisioning for optimized and scalable storage. With the use of industry-proven hardware-accelerated data deduplication and compression, BridgeSTOR AOS Appliance for Microsoft DPM users quickly experience the capacity-saving benefits of advanced data reduction without an impact on the user experience or changes to their infrastructure. BridgeSTOR AOS Appliances also employ Disk-on-Demand thin provisioning, enabling storage managers to allocate storage pools of any size to DPM without physically installing storage hardware until needed.

The new appliance for Microsoft DPM is the third in BridgeSTOR's line of Application Optimized Storage products, following the debut of purpose-built AOS Appliances for VMware and Backup Exec 2010 in November. BridgeSTOR AOS appliances for Microsoft DPM start at MSRP $20,000 including the appropriate Windows Server 2008 operating system and DPM licenses and will be available exclusively through select channel partners. Please see www.bridgestor.com to locate a partner or for more information.

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