WINCHESTER, CA--(Marketwire - January 24, 2011) - Over the years, countless bits of positive feedback have been received by Help Hospitalized Veterans from veterans that the organization serves, and it seems they all have something in common -- the belief that working on arts & crafts can help alleviate pain, prevent anxiety attacks, improve concentration and improve several other conditions.

These veterans are from different branches of the military and many suffer from combat related illness and injury. All of the veterans are participating in the Help Hospitalized Veterans' (HHV) therapeutic arts & crafts program offered at VA and military hospitals worldwide.

Preston Porter, a Navy veteran from Kalamazoo, Michigan said, "It's just a pleasure not to be bored stiff while in the hospital. Plus, I've been inspired to work on a new hobby once I get home." Kenneth McCarter, a Marine dealing with traumatic brain injury from service in Operation Iraqi Freedom says working on the model kits helps increase patience, reduces stress and helps concentration skills. "I love the models I can relate to the most, such as the Humvee, Cobra and Blackhawk helicopter. I'm familiar with them from personal experience and that makes it all the more special," said McCarter. Stan Pitera, an Air Force veteran from Loma Linda, California who was in the hospital for hip replacement surgery says his pain would decrease or completely disappear while he was working on the kits. "It just makes you feel so special to think that there are people out there who care enough to make these arts & crafts available through their donations," said Pitera.

One thing everyone agrees on is working on arts & crafts while hospitalized reduces stress, increases coping abilities, enhances the rehabilitation received through diversional recreation and aids in the improvement of fine and gross motor skills. And while there may be no scientific evidence to prove that pain actually disappears while working on craft kits, there are veterans and soldiers recuperating in VA and military hospitals who would say otherwise.

HHV is the largest supplier of free therapeutic arts & crafts kits to VA and military hospitals worldwide. Since 1971 HHV has donated over 28 million kits. For more information on HHV products and services visit or phone 1-888-567-VETS.

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