BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - January 26, 2011) - Staying connected with your social network just got a lot easier for the millions of Android smartphone users around the world. Today HeyWire™ rolled out on Android, making it the platform's first Social Hub featuring free texting worldwide from a real phone number.

HeyWire for Android is a mashup of top communications services like free texting (SMS) worldwide, Facebook Chat and Twitter into a Social Hub that provides a free, simple and seamless way to connect with friends and family around the world.

Already a worldwide hit on the Apple iOS platform, HeyWire is ranked as a top free social networking app in 62 country app stores.

What's so awesome about HeyWire's free Android application? Here's a run-down of the benefits:

  • Is local & international texting too costly? Text for free from a real, dedicated phone number, anywhere in the U.S. and to 146 countries worldwide! Send texts (SMS) to any mobile device, even if the receiver doesn't have HeyWire. No smartphone, no problem. Your friend can still respond. Hey, this is real SMS after all.
  • Worldwide Cross Platform Messenger -- Have friends that prefer Apples instead of tiny Green Robots? No worries. HeyWire is the ultimate cross platform messenger. If you and a friend have the HeyWire app on your Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or you've joined the HeyWire web beta you can message each other anywhere in the world for absolutely free. Want to send a message in your native language? HeyWire-to-HeyWire messaging supports every major language found on your Android device.
  • Is the large number of ways to connect with friends driving you crazy? Open the HeyWire app and simply take control of texting, tweeting and Facebook Chat, with other chat services coming soon. From the same app you can text and chat like crazy!
  • Does a tweet via text to your peeps sound sweet? Say that five times fast or simply use HeyTweets, it's built right in! HeyWire is the world's first and only mobile service to provide Text-to-Twitter functionality anywhere in the world! Just text START to 40404!
  • Looking for Group Messaging with a bit of individual conversation? Pick up to 10 friends that are in your address book or available on Facebook Chat and send one message to all. Individual responses come back, enabling the conversation to continue in a private way! If you want to connect with more than 10 friends just add 40404 to the "To:" list and you can also update all your followers on Twitter!
  • Too many widgets or can't get enough? Either way, Heywire's got your back, or should we say, your eyes?! The HeyWire Homescreen Widget allows for a quick glance at your inbox to view and cycle through texts, tweets and Facebook Chats. HeyWire also provides text message alerts in the notification bar even if the HeyWire App or the Widget is not open.
  • You want Love and Peace in the world? Yeah, us too, so we blend HeyWire with your Android Contact Address Book so when you select a contact you can simply tap once and text them with HeyWire. Easily send your message of Peace and Love worldwide for free! You can also easily set HeyWire as your default for texting.
  • Thumbs a little tired of tapping? Want different ways to create a message? If your Android device supports voice-to-text or the Swype Keyboard, then go ahead and compose a message with the power of your voice or a Swype of your finger across the keyboard.

"We're on a mission to make staying connected with friends and family easy, regardless of location, messaging platform or device," said Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO of HeyWire. "By rolling out the HeyWire service to Android users, we're coming a lot closer to making our vision a reality. With thousands of people already downloading HeyWire on their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches daily, we're excited to see the same explosive growth among Android users."

Grab the HeyWire app for Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, get access to the web version in beta, and start connecting with friends and family around the world for free!

About HeyWire
HeyWire™, brought to you by MediaFriends, Inc., is a real-time social messaging hub that empowers consumers worldwide to connect with each other in better ways using text messaging (SMS), Facebook, Twitter and IM on virtually any Internet connected device. For more information, please visit

Note to Editors
HeyWire works over Wifi or mobile operator data service. Texting is absolutely free worldwide for HeyWire-to-HeyWire Messaging. Friends without HeyWire responding to a HeyWire number will be charged by their mobile operator standard rates for texting a U.S. phone number. Nothing extra.

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