DAVOS, SWITZERLAND and REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - January 27, 2011) - Today at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Technology Pioneer Award recipient, ReputationDefender, announced the launch of new and improved reputation management solutions and its new name, Reputation.com. The company released a free service, ReputationAlerts, which analyzes an individual's online reputation and provides the user with ongoing alerts of newly discovered online content specific to their identity. The company also launched a new version of its MyReputation service, which creates a customized, controlled and highly visible online presence for professionals and consumers.

Reputation.com now offers a full spectrum of reputation and privacy solutions, including: proactive reputation management; innovative privacy control solutions for social networking; a service to safeguard and remove private, personal information from the Internet; and protection for false and malicious online attacks.

"In this age of radical transparency, everyone should be tracking how they appear online. And now, with our free and affordable solutions, reputation management is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection," said Michael Fertik, Founder and CEO, Reputation.com. "The change we're driving today is that individuals don't have to let the Web decide how they're viewed, they can tell their own story online."

"People of every age and in every country are increasingly living, working and socializing online. Digital identities are being shaped by our online activities, sometimes with our knowledge and often times without it," said Jules Polonetsky, director of the Future of Privacy Forum. "Therefore, we need innovative companies like Reputation.com that can help users manage their reputations and address the security problems that can result from a lack of control of our personal and private information."

ReputationAlerts (BETA) allows individuals to discover and monitor what the Web knows about them. The free solution offers an interactive discovery process whereby an individual is informed of all the information available about them across the deep Web, including listings in people search databases, news articles, Web records, social network identities and more. These Web discoveries populate an individual's personal ReputationAlert, providing them with the resources to understand the Web content that informs their online reputation. Users are kept up-to-date with ReputationAlert emails, notifying them when new information appears or is uncovered about them online. The free solution is available here: ReputationAlerts

MyReputation gives consumers proactive control over how they tell their story online. Just like businesses, individuals need an online presence that works for them, communicating relevant messaging and facilitating connections with potential employers, customers, colleagues and friends.

MyReputation ranges in its offerings from entry level to higher tier solutions, depending on desired volume of Web results. Features include:

  • Powerful, professionally-written biographies published online
  • Personalized domain and website
  • Customized web listings
  • Personalized, "reputation-relevant" online advertisements
  • Search and audience tracking: monthly reports provide analytics on how their name is searched, including audience and frequency
  • Support from a reputation advisor

MyReputation costs $10-$60 per month and is available here: MyReputation

The company's commitment to improving privacy and reputation controls extends to all areas of Internet life. This week, Reputation.com announced uProtect.it, a free service that encrypts posts on social networks, giving users control over who sees their messaging. Reputation.com also recently updated PrivacyDefender, its free solution that helps people easily set and understand Facebook privacy controls.

Reputation.com Founder and CEO, Michael Fertik, will be speaking on panels at the World Economic Forum Annual Summit this week; topics include Internet privacy and personal data online. Reputation.com was honored as a WEF Technology Pioneer 2011 for its technological innovation and global commitment to online privacy and reputation management solutions.

About Reputation.com
Reputation.com's mission is to empower individuals and businesses to control their privacy and reputation online. Formerly ReputationDefender, Reputation.com was founded in 2006 and is the pioneer of online reputation management solutions. The company is recognized by World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer 2011 for its global technology leadership and innovation. The privately held company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, has an office in Germany and serves customers in more than 100 countries.

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