TOKYO--(Marketwire - January 31, 2011) - ANA Group today reported improved consolidated financial results for the first nine months (April - December inclusive) of fiscal year 2010.

Demand has remained firm with revenues increasing substantially, especially in the air transportation business, in comparison to the same period the previous year, when air travel was affected by the impact of the global economic recession. However, the economic climate remains challenging with steep rises in crude oil prices, concerns over the outlook for growth in overseas economies, and exchange rate fluctuations among the factors giving rise to uncertainty.

While costs rose in tandem with the company's route expansion, steady progress was achieved with cost restructuring based on the FY2010-11 ANA Group Corporate Strategy and further progress was made in reducing operating expenses.

These factors have resulted in much improved consolidated business results for the current period with operating revenues up by 12.5% to ¥1,039.1 billion, operating income increased to ¥77.7 billion from a loss of ¥37.8 billion, recurring profit ¥115.9 billion higher at ¥58.3 billion and net income of ¥37.5 billion recovering from a loss of ¥35.1 billion.

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