EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Jan. 31, 2011) - In the spring of 2011, ATCO Gas will begin automating its meter reading system. Approximately one million meters will be converted over a four-year period.

"Fully automating our meter reading technology reflects ATCO Gas's continuing commitment to provide customers with safe, reliable, cost-effective natural gas service," said Brian Hahn, President, ATCO Gas. "The new system will improve billing accuracy and enhance customer convenience."

ATCO Gas meter readers currently visit, and in some cases enter customers' premises monthly to read natural gas meters in an effort to ensure customers receive a bill based on actual, not estimated information. Automating the meter reading system will enable ATCO Gas to obtain a meter reading every month, regardless of weather conditions or access issues.

Existing natural gas meters will be retrofitted with Encoder, Receiver and Transmitter (ERT) modules, supplied and installed by an independent company, Itron Inc. The ERTs will send data to mobile collectors that ATCO Gas employees will use to obtain monthly meter readings. A single mobile collector can read up to 15,000 meters a day.

ATCO Gas meter reading personnel work in nearly 300 communities across Alberta. Affected meter readers will be transitioned into other opportunities within the company.

Customers will be updated as their communities are converted to the new technology. More information is available at atcogas.com.

ATCO Gas is an Alberta based, province-wide natural gas distribution company, serving more than one million customers and is part of the ATCO Group of Companies. ATCO Group, with more than 7,500 employees and assets of approximately $10 billion, delivers service excellence and innovative business solutions worldwide with leading companies engaged in Utilities, Energy, Structures & Logistics, and Technologies. More information about ATCO can be found on its website, www.atco.com.

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