SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - January 31, 2011) - Sound Surgical Technologies LLC (SST) and Cytori Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CYTX) have signed a sales agreement through which Cytori's fat grafting products, including the PureGraft™ System, will be offered by the 20 person Sound Surgical sales team in the United States. As the manufacturer of the VASER2.0 Lipo® System, an ultrasonic system that has been specifically designed to maximize viability of lipo-harvest, Sound Surgical is uniquely positioned to educate the plastic and reconstructive surgical community about optimal fat grafting techniques, co-promote Cytori's fat grafting product line, and to substantially expand Cytori's sales reach.

The use of autologous fat grafting for cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation has grown rapidly in popularity. Best practice requires that the entire grafting process, including lipo-harvest, graft processing, graft delivery and banking, be optimized to deliver consistent, quality results. By offering Cytori's tissue processing and graft delivery tools through Sound Surgical's sales team in conjunction with the VASER Lipo System, the companies have effectively provided a comprehensive group of product offerings for fat grafting procedures. Furthermore, this sales collaboration provides an opportunity to educate the community about optimal fat grafting techniques. Safe, reliable technologies and optimized methodologies are critical as the market makes the conscious switch from artificial to natural procedures.

"Surgeons have been seeking a more standardized and cleaner approach to autologous fat transfer procedures, which Cytori's PureGraft™ System and accompanying tools can offer," said Dan Goldberger, CEO of Sound Surgical Technologies. "Our sales force is now armed with the best in class tissue processing and graft delivery technologies."

"As a leader in lipo-harvest products, we believe that Sound Surgical Technologies is well-positioned to broaden our customer base within the field and to encourage best practices in fat grafting among surgeons," said Bruce Reuter, Senior Vice President of US Sales.

About Sound Surgical Technologies LLC
Founded in 1998, Sound Surgical Technologies is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ultrasonic body shaping technologies, including the VASER Lipo®, VASER® Shape MC1™ and MedSculpt™ Systems. VASER Lipo effectively treats all areas of the body and is clinically proven to enhance skin retraction, reduce blood loss, and maintain the viability of fat cells for fat grafting procedures. Physicians report smooth and consistent results with fast patient recovery. The VASER Shape MC1 and MedSculpt Systems are an ideal complement to VASER Lipo, combining ultrasound and massage therapies to increase lymphatic and venous circulation, minimize postoperative pain and swelling, and temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite. All of the devices are FDA-cleared for use in the U.S. To learn more, visit

About Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.
Cytori is a leader in providing patients and physicians around the world with medical technologies that harness the potential of adult regenerative cells from adipose tissue. The Celution® System family of medical devices and instruments is being sold into the European and Asian cosmetic and reconstructive surgery markets but is not yet available in the United States. The PureGraft™ System is FDA-cleared for use in autologous fat grafting. Our StemSource® product line is sold globally for cell banking and research applications.

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