NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) -  ToneFuse (, a marketing and monetization company centered around online music content, announced the launch of ToneTargeting, a new predictive audience targeting platform, to enable brand marketers to better target their advertising and improve media performance. Using ToneTargeting, advertisers will be able to identify and deliver ads to prospective customers based on proven behavioral, demographic, geographic and psychographic purchase intentions.

Without the use of cookies, ToneTargeting marries and cross-profiles music interests from more than 60 million users with third-party behavioral data from more than 150 million users. By using these users' music interests, ToneTargeting estimates user ages, genders, incomes, buying habits, and favorite hobbies among 400 other segments, including, but not limited to:

  • Demographics -- such as gender, age, ethnicity
  • Intent -- shopping for cars, travel, fashion, jewelry, pets, toys, tech, etc.
  • Interests -- parenting, job seekers, political junkies, sports, diet and fitness, auto enthusiast, etc.

In fact, according to the more than 800,000+ points of data available within the ToneTargeting database:

  • Coldplay fans on average are 44% more likely to be in the market for travel services
  • John Lennon fans on average are 101% more likely to be pet owners
  • Jason Mraz fans are 34% more likely to be in a household with income of over $150,000.
  • Kid Cudi fans are 17% more likely to be in the market for an auto
  • Nicki Minaj fans are 72% more likely than average to be single
  • Lady Gaga fans are 48% more likely than average to be in market for personal technology

"The simple fact is, consumers are multi-dimensional. And, through our extensive R&D we have found that consumer behavior and their lifestyles can be predicted by analyzing music interests against other available data sets to get beyond assumptions to a place where marketing can be a far more engaging and rewarding event," said Val Katayev, Founder and CEO, ToneFuse. "Nothing currently exists that can deliver the real, predictive audience targeting that identifies prospects with a high likelihood of product interest, usage and intent to purchase. ToneTargeting is the first to deliver these actionable audience targeting capabilities."

About ToneFuse
ToneFuse is a global online music platform offering marketing and monetization services. ToneFuse reaches an estimated half a billion unique visitors per month through a suite of proprietary advertising products. Its media division, ToneFuse Music (TFM) is ranked #4 in US, #3 in UK and #5 globally by comScore within the Music category. ToneFuse caters to marketers by providing high impact ad units including video that can be targeted to audiences or content through high traffic music properties. Furthermore, its RingtoneMatcher division is the most trafficked ringtone marketer in the world, processing more ringtone traffic than the next four largest ringtone providers combined. For more information visit:

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