ROCHESTER, NY--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) - Today, Sorenson Communications, the leading provider of Video Relay Service (VRS) for deaf and hard-of-hearing people who use sign language to communicate, announced two new products that will make VRS accessible to deaf individuals wherever they are: ntouch PC and ntouch Mobile. Combined with the Sorenson videophone, these products enhance Video Relay Service (VRS) and point-to-point calling options.

"Sorenson is pleased to continue the tradition of providing innovative communication technologies for deaf sign language users," says Sorenson Communications President and CEO Pat Nola. "These empowering products are called 'ntouch' because they keep you in touch with everyone in your life."

With ntouch PC, deaf VRS users can turn their PCs into VPs. This empowers them to use SVRS at home, at work or on the go, whether they are in airports, libraries or hotels. ntouch PC works anywhere there is a high-speed internet or Wi-Fi connection and is business and home network-friendly. ntouch PC includes popular features of the Sorenson videophone, such as the Sorenson Video Center with SignMail®, Call History and E911. ntouch PC also introduces new features that allow users to search Contacts and import their VP-200 Contacts list. ntouch PC is free to all Sorenson customers. 

"ntouch Mobile is Sorenson's solution for true mobility in Video Relay Service (VRS). It's a VP that fits in your pocket," explains Nola. Using a mobile phone with a front-facing camera, like the EVO, gives users the freedom to make VRS and point-to-point calls anywhere. Like all Sorenson products, ntouch Mobile includes the Sorenson Video Center with SignMail, Call History and E911. And, like ntouch PC, users can search Contacts list and import their VP-200 Contacts. The ntouch Mobile application is free.

"ntouch PC and ntouch Mobile bring deaf individuals closer to communication technologies that are functionally-equivalent to those the hearing community has enjoyed for years," says Nola.

More information on ntouch PC and ntouch Mobile can be found at

About Sorenson Communications
Sorenson Communications® ( is a provider of industry-leading communications services and products for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. The company's offerings include Sorenson Video Relay Service® (SVRS®), the highest-quality video interpreting service; the Sorenson VP-200® videophone, designed especially for use by deaf individuals; Sorenson IP Relay® (SIPRelay), a text-to-speech relay service; ntouch PC, software that connects users to SVRS by using a PC and webcam; and ntouch Mobile, an application empowering SVRS communication via a mobile device.