NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) -, a leading business solutions firm for telecommunications, announces the availability of TelcoSource (, an online reverse auction platform which empowers business buyers of telecom, IT services and equipment. TelcoSource provides an efficient online platform that manages the distribution of proposals and the collection of bids through a dynamic, web-based reverse auction system, thereby streamlining the procurement process. 

TelcoSource empowers buyers through its proprietary, cutting-edge software by providing a vibrant and competitive environment for competitive bidding which yields substantial savings of time and money. The TelcoSource platform is a flexible solution that enables small and large businesses to request and purchase a variety of services, ranging from basic telecom services to complex national networks. 

TelcoSource is an ideal tool for small, medium and large businesses as well as government leaders, such as the Mayor Maura R. DeNicola of Franklin Lakes, NJ. "In an effort to mitigate the tax burden on our residents we were seeking to reduce our telecom costs. In this instance we needed to both identify new solutions and procure them in the most competitive manner. TelcoSource helped us to define our requirements, distribute them to a greater number of qualified suppliers, streamline the procurement process, and create the competitive environment necessary to ultimately save over 50%." 

The TelcoSource e-procurement platform is free for buyers and allows them to contract directly with the selected supplier. Registered suppliers can participate at no cost, only paying a below-market agency fee when they receive revenues from buyers. Consultants, Agents and VARs are invited to participate in the Partner program to bring this powerful white-label platform to their clients.

"While expensive proprietary e-procurement systems are available, they do not cater to the unique and complex requirements of telecommunication services. TelcoSource is a game changer. Now buyers of any size and experience can simplify and streamline the way they design and procure telecom, IT services and equipment. Suppliers appreciate the fact that they are invited to bid on real deals, with clear specifications, while reducing their overall cost of sales. The benefits of e-procurement and reverse auctions are now available to all players in the Telecom industry," adds James Martino, Managing Director of

About TelcoSource
TelcoSource is the first e-procurement platform created specifically such that telecom buyers can design, manage and distribute RFPs and RFQs to hundreds of suppliers, simultaneously. TelcoSource incorporates a dynamic reverse auction module into the e-procurement process which saves buyers time and money. Suppliers bid on real deals dynamically and only pay a reduced agency fee on revenue produced. TelcoSource is owned and operated by TelecomMarketplace.Net and Horizon Associates, Ltd. For more information, contact Partners and Agents can email

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