HERNDON, VA--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) - Rubicon Professional Services, a leading national provider of full-service energy management, consulting, engineering and construction management for mission-critical facilities, today announced that its 2010 revenue growth exceeded 100% for the fourth consecutive year. With offices in California, Georgia, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia, Rubicon employs many of the industry's most accomplished experts in the strategic data center and mission critical infrastructure marketplace.

"In 2010, Rubicon invested in the growth of the company's infrastructure hiring top notch talent from within this industry to add to our already talent rich organization," said Jim Embley, CEO, Rubicon Professional Services. "Our team is among the most experienced in the industry and we place heavy emphasis on quality and safety. Every Rubicon team member has completed OSHA training and certification, which is unique because company executives typically don't engage in such advanced education. We're thrilled with our company's performance in just our fourth year of business and we're continuing to streamline processes that will enable us to deliver the most comprehensive energy management and construction management services available anywhere."

Service Innovation: A Key Differentiator
Financially strong, well bonded and capable of supporting clients of all sizes, Rubicon Professional Services is a company capable of challenging engineering assumptions and designs to align project performance with our clients' expectations and business goals. Rubicon also has a proven track record with top equipment manufacturers, boasting a purchasing history of over $300 million in infrastructure related equipment that equates to direct cost savings for their clients. The company's extensive knowledge and specialized skill sets in mission critical infrastructure design, construction, operation, maintenance, SLA's, energy management, and capital budget control, provides customers with unprecedented mission critical and corporate infrastructure expertise. Additionally, the company's real estate prowess and direct relationships with top developers nationwide provide a network of properties and mission critical facilities for clients' specific business objectives.

About Rubicon's Energy Management Services

With Energy Management Services, Rubicon offers technology-dependent organizations an integrated approach to power and conservation within mission critical facilities. The Rubicon team combines more than 30 years' experience with in-depth expertise in capital rebate initiatives, the latest green technologies, and demand response programs to meet each organization's energy goals -- technically, financially, legally and responsibly.

Embley comments on Energy Management, "Energy strategy is now vital to corporate competitiveness, and we deliver cash to our critical facility clients with no required capital investment beyond existing facility assets. Rubicon Energy Management Solutions is proving to be a game-changer within the mission critical infrastructure industry as we are the first company to produce revenue for our clients from their energy assets, while also providing comprehensive construction management services."

Key Customers in 2010
Key customers for Rubicon Professional Services in 2010 included Internap, Telx, and Power Loft.

Rubicon's experienced team played a vital role in helping Internap (NASDAQ: INAP) -- a leading provider of high-performance IT infrastructure services -- to meet its aggressive mission critical expansion timeline at its Seattle-area data center. Rubicon assisted with the construction management, equipment procurement and integration processes required to add 7,500 net-sellable square feet to the facility, now open to new tenants within the Sabey Intergate campus in Tukwila, Washington. Rubicon provided additional construction services to Internap for their mission critical data center construction and expansion projects in Santa Clara, CA and in Boston, MA, and performed Energy Management and engineering studies for their facilities nationwide, including those in Atlanta, Seattle, New York and Houston.

Rubicon enabled Telx Corporation, a leading interconnection and colocation provider in strategic North American markets, to identify demand response revenue while reducing costs across all phases of the critical facility deployment. Rubicon's expertise in this area assisted in driving energy efficiencies through its energy management program to realize additional savings for Telx. Additionally, Rubicon completed several demanding design-build mission critical construction projects for Telx in Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, and Chicago.

In 2010, Rubicon renewed its contract with Power Loft, a developer and owner of high-density, high-security mission critical facilities -- as its equipment procurement and integration solutions provider for a flagship mission critical facility in Manassas, Virginia. The contract enabled Power Loft to focus on its core competencies of designing and building this state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar mission critical facility, by tasking Rubicon to assume complete responsibility for the procurement, timely delivery and integration of more than $20 million of infrastructure hardware and equipment. With its expertise the company enabled Power Loft's new mission-critical facility to open on schedule and with the equipment required to power it.

The "Power Loft @ Innovation" mission critical facility serves the fast-growing Prince William County technology and business corridor -- and Rubicon's Equipment Integration professionals worked directly with mission critical industrial equipment manufacturers to negotiate costs, expedite delivery and ensure that all equipment interoperated properly, keeping the 230,000 square foot data center build on time and on budget. 

Enhanced Services with Top Staff Hires

In addition to its record growth, Rubicon Professional Services reported a significant increase in staffing over the past 12 months. Rubicon's recent appointment of three veteran team members further empowered its leadership in the energy efficiency and mission critical construction marketplace, adding more than six decades of combined experience in construction and engineering management.

With the addition of Tim Fichter as Senior Project Manager, Mark Novak as Superintendent, and Steven Klein as Superintendent and Safety Director, Rubicon significantly bolstered its broad-based portfolio of construction, consulting, engineering, and energy management services.

About Rubicon Professional Services

Rubicon Professional Services expertly manages the entire process of building critical facilities like data and telecommunications centers. From strategy development to assembling custom teams of top rated engineers, contractors and equipment vendors, Rubicon is a trusted advisor and business partner to technology-dependent organizations ensuring cost-effective delivery of critical facilities that meet business objectives. Rubicon Professional Services has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and California. For more information about Rubicon Professional Services, visit www.rubiconps.com.

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