PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) - Transfer Online, Inc. announced today that they are in full compliance with all aspects of Cost Basis Reporting. 

"This first month of 2011 clearly demonstrates our ability to continue our commitment to developing the best solutions for our clients," said Lori Livingston, President and CEO of Transfer Online, Inc.

Transfer Online was founded in 1999 as the first online-only stock transfer agent in the United States, and currently provides stock transfer services to approximately 400 companies. In 2001, the company created the first private trading board ("PTB") for shareholders of Portland Brewing to trade shares with each other, requiring a no-action letter from the SEC to do so. In 2005, Transfer Online built a PTB for Restricted Class B shareholders of Mastercard, Inc., which preceded Mastercard's initial public offering a year later.

About Transfer Online
Transfer Online, located in Portland, Oregon, is a stock transfer agent and financial services firm. Transfer Online combines the support of a brick and mortar transfer agent with the latest technology to provide their clients with the highest degree of accuracy and speed. With custom built back office applications and a powerful website, Transfer Online makes possible a measure of convenience for the client that is unmatched by paper-only transfer agents. Their team brings decades of Wall Street experience with emphasis on secure recordkeeping and securities processing. www.transferonline.com

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