SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 2, 2011) - Today, Mochi Media announced the results of the 2010 Flash Games Market Survey, a comprehensive survey of the developers and website owners who comprise the fast-growing Flash games industry. The Flash Games Market Survey was conducted by Mochi Media in partnership with Adobe and, and surveyed 1,393 Flash game developers and publishers. The study releases the first data about mobile Flash development, as well as industry benchmark data around the demographics, location and economics of Flash game developers and publishers.

The survey reveals trends in the Flash games industry of rapid growth, internationalization and opportunities for developers to monetize their games through sponsorships, payment platforms and distribution across multiple channels.

The most significant impact on the market during the past year has been Adobe's release of Adobe Flash Player 10.1, which enables Flash games to be played and developed on the Android mobile platform. While only 10 percent of the developers surveyed said they are currently developing on Android, more than half said they planned on doing so in the next year. This marks a significant uptick in interest since last year's Flash Games Market Survey, when 32 percent of developers said they were planning on developing games on iOS. This year, 42 percent of respondents said they planned on developing on iOS in the coming year, although nearly half said they had no plans to do so.

Additionally, the study showed an increase in the internationalization of Flash game developers. The number of developers in the United States, Great Britain and Canada -- which accounted for 56 percent of all developers in last year's survey -- only makes up 32 percent of respondents this year. Developers in Russia, Ukraine, India, Brazil, and Poland all grew this year, with Russia overtaking Canada as the country with the third-most respondents.

Finally, the number of developers who report monetizing their games through sponsorships, licenses, and custom game development has increased by 37 percent since the 2009 survey, jumping from 46 percent to 83 percent. The use of in-game advertising also continues to remain popular, with 45 percent of developers taking advantage of this revenue stream.

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