LOS ANGELES, CA and MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) - Verifi, a provider of Software-as-a-Service-based payment and risk management solutions, and Marketing Architects, a provider of outsourced sales and marketing services, today announced that Marketing Architects has selected Verifi's payment gateway to increase customer conversion for its direct response merchant clients. Marketing Architects has integrated its proprietary IVR platform, Vocé, with Verifi's payment gateway to improve their ability to evaluate new customers, and to increase the quality of the customers they acquire for their merchants.

Since 1997, Marketing Architects has provided clients -- mainly innovative product-driven direct response merchants -- with outsourced marketing and sales services. Among the services offered by Marketing Architects is the ability to process web- and telephone-based sales orders on behalf of its clients. Through its integration with Verifi, Marketing Architects will have access to Verifi's payment gateway, allowing the company to process sales orders more effectively while simultaneously spotting potentially fraudulent transactions before they're completed. 

"We're leveraging the integrated Verifi / Marketing Architects solution to strategically and profitably grow our business," said Thomas Shipley, Co-founder and Co-CEO for Atlantic Coast Media Group, a provider of high-quality beauty brands. 

"Since deploying with Verifi and Marketing Architects, the number of good customers has increased significantly. As a result, we've been able to put more time and energy into supporting and strengthening relationships with our best customers," commented Andrew Surwilo, Co-founder and Co-CEO for Atlantic Coast Media Group. 

"Our focus is on increasing the quantity and quality of customers for our direct response merchant clients," said Jeff Clement, Chief Solution Officer for Marketing Architects. "One way we do this is through the integration of world-class technology solutions like Verifi into our platform. Fraud is definitely a challenge for direct response merchants, and so we're excited to provide them with enhanced payment and risk management capabilities." 

"This partnership offers a lot of value for direct response merchants who obviously covet higher quality, longer-lasting customer relationships," said Tony Wootton, Chief Revenue Officer for Verifi. "By partnering with Marketing Architects, direct response merchants can leverage our payment and fraud tools along with Marketing Architects' superior sales and marketing services through one integration. This saves time and money, and allows clients to focus resources on growing their businesses."

About Marketing Architects

Marketing Architects grows companies and accelerates brand dominance by delivering total command and control over the marketing process. With a singular focus on direct response TV and radio marketing, the company's breakthrough methods have dramatically lowered costs and assured advertiser results in these high barrier to success channels. By merging proprietary technologies and advanced analytics, with maverick, award-winning creative capability, full media services, and responder monetization systems, Marketing Architects clients are the most respected, fastest growing in the industry. For more information on Marketing Architects, please visit us at www.markarch.com or please email us at info@markarch.com.

About Verifi

Verifi is a leading provider of SaaS based global electronic payment solutions for card-not-present merchants. The highly customizable payment and real-time reporting platform serves as a foundation for Verifi's suite of fraud solutions and risk management strategies. With a commitment of reducing risk while increasing profitability for clients, Verifi's multi-layered approach enables transaction risk management and mitigation, business optimization strategies, cardholder authentication and chargeback representment for all major credit card brands. Verifi is PCI Level 1 certified and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information on Verifi, please visit: http://www.Verifi.com or please email us at Info@Verifi.com.

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